Ministry Planning


That's our theme in the five-year strategic ministry plans that Faith staff members have developed for all of our Faith Ministries. At Faith, our day-to-day is informed by the direction of our goals, so we invite you to learn more about where we're going and how we aim to get there.

Faith Church 2017 Initiatives

Growing Stronger
  1. Consider program that formally assigns mentor person/family to new members for their first year at Faith. (Faith Church)
  2. Enhance facilities by developing long-term maintenance plan. (Faith Ministries)
  3. Consider establishing team of parent mentors for new, expecting, & struggling parents. (Faith Church)
  4. Explore possibility of providing print & electronic tools to enable better connection in our church family. (Faith Church)
  5. Consider providing list of available mentors with contact information. (Faith Church)
  6. Investigate using online collaboration space for prayer requests/updates. (Faith Church)
Reaching Out
  1. Develop safe, regular community-friendly events in LOFT. (Faith Community Ministries)
  2. Consider having ABF teachers create video invite/overview of classes. (Faith Church)
  3. Hold “meet and greet” each quarter with pastors, deacons, & ABF teachers after services.   (Faith Church)
  4. Consider offering counseling on multiple days per week. (Faith Biblical Counseling)
  5. Investigate implementing more active campus presence. (Purdue Bible Fellowship)
Serving Together
  1. Develop measured expansion/re-purposing of existing school & church building. (Faith Ministries)
  2. Look into providing source of online interaction between members & their deacons. (Faith Church)
  3. Consider adding advocates into Monday counseling training. (Faith Biblical Counseling)
  4. Consider deploying drama teams to present lessons to children’s ministries. (Faith Church)
  5. Consider offering special needs training. (Faith Church)
Meeting Needs
  1. Explore revitalizing our “College-at-a-Distance” students program. (Purdue Bible Fellowship)
  2. Consider expanding walking track to areas surrounding property. (Faith Ministries)
  3. Explore possibility of planning “Love Week” where college students complete service projects. (Purdue Bible Fellowship)
  4. Investigate offering life coaching for those receiving assistance through food pantry/clothing closet. (Faith Community Ministries)
  5. Look into developing music/drama summer camp for community youth. (Faith Christian School)
  6. Look into developing “Faith Corps” with teams that serve monthly at various locations. (Faith Church)
  7. Consider offering FCI class on dealing with infertility. (Faith Church)
  8. Consider offering FCI class on home repair.  (Faith Church)
  9. Look into creating service groups that minister to disabled singles and seniors. (Faith Church)
  10. Consider offering food classes geared to single parents’ needs. (Faith Church)
  11. Formalize mother mentoring program to pair up younger mothers with older women. (Faith Church)
Strengthening Others
  1. Look into producing “Starting a Counseling Ministry” & “Nehemiah Strategy” as on-demand streaming web videos. (Faith Biblical Counseling)
  2. Consider working with curriculum developers to create teaching materials to equip children in biblical counseling principles. (Faith Church)
  3. Develop/implement comprehensive program for missions exposure/training of children, youth, & adults. (Faith Global Missions)
  4. Develop/implement plan to effectively build a partnership with Bethesda Outreach Ministries of South Africa. (Faith Global Missions)
  5. Complete risk assessment & crisis management plan for fields served by FGM. (Faith Global Missions)
  6. Develop/implement soul care plan for missionaries sent by Faith Church. (Faith Global Missions)

Staff Initiatives

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