Group Time
Spring 2023

We are excited to partner with you as you seek to help your child grow closer to God. Each week, our Wednesday evening ministries begin with a 25-minute assembly for K-5th grade students called Group Time.

This semester, Group Time lessons will help K-5th graders learn more about Christ’s church and the important role it should play in the life of every Christian. This is known as the doctrine of ecclesiology.

Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of this doctrine and earn rewards by correctly answering key questions about the church. We would encourage you to use the schedule below to help your student prepare for our scheduled review sessions.

Students can also earn rewards for applying what they have learned by…

  1. Inviting guests to participate in our Sunday or Wednesday ministries.
  2. Serving in one of our church’s ministries. Examples include: Mulch Madness, Good Friday children’s choir, Church Family Night meals, etc.
  3. Serving at one of our church’s community centers.

All K-5th grade students will celebrate what we have learned with an ice cream party on May 17. We look forward to serving your family this semester.


January 11 – What is the church?

Answer: The church is the assembly of believers who belong to God.

January 18 and 25 – What is the purpose of the church?

Answer: Worship God and show him to the world.

February 1 – What is the importance of baptism?

Answer: Baptism is a step of obedience and a public proclamation of one’s trust in Christ alone for salvation.

February 8 – What is the Lord's table or communion and why do it?

Answer: The Lord’s table remembers our Lord’s death and resurrection, and looks to the future for His return in glory.

February 15 – Biblical Counseling Training Conference. No Wednesday ministries.

February 22 – Review in Class

March 1 and 8 – Who makes up the church?

Answer: The church is made up of elders, deacons and church members

March 15 – Why do we meet for church services?

Answer: Worship God and learn how to live for Him

March 22 – Group Review

April 5 – Review in Class

April 12 – What do we do at church?

Answer: Learn God’s plan for His creation and serve one another

April 19 – What are spiritual gifts?

Answer: Spiritual gifts are given by God for the good of the church.

April 26 – What is my role in the church?

Answer: God has given me a spiritual gift and I must use it for His glory.

May 3 – Review in class

May 10 – Group review night of the whole semester

May 17 – Party and presentation of rewards


In addition to correctly answering the doctrinal questions covered in our study, students can qualify for rewards by 1) inviting guests to our Sunday and/or Wednesday ministries or 2) serving in a church or community center ministry.

To confirm that your child qualifies to receive a reward, please complete the Group Time Rewards Tracking form using the link at the top of this page or directly below. Forms must be submitted to your child’s class leader by Wednesday, May 10.