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Our women's Bible studies provide ways to build strong relationships with other women in the church through Bible-based discussions, prayer, accountability, care, and sharing life. Fill out the form below to get started!

2024 Fall Bible Studies

Studies begin the week of September 9, unless noted otherwise. Most studies will last for 12 weeks.

At/Near the Faith East Campus


7:30-9:00 PM every other Monday

  • Leaders: Stephanie Lange and Bethany Hartje
  • Study: Revelation: Eternal King, Everlasting Kingdom by Jen Wilkin
  • Location: East Side of Lafayette


9:30-11:30 AM every other Wednesday

  • Leader: JoLinda Steger
  • Study: Daniel: Determining to Go God’s Direction by Warren Wiersbe (The Wiersbe Bible Study
  • Location: East Side of Lafayette + Virtual Option

6:30-8:00 pm

  • Leaders: Ella Patton
  • Study: Isaiah: Knowing the Bible by Drew Hunter
  • Location: Faith East during FCI


9:30-11:00 AM

  • Leader: Rebecca Buono
  • Study: 12 Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur
  • Location: East Side of Lafayette

7:00-8:00 PM

  • Leaders: Emily Morrison and Sydney Hopkins
  • Study: Steadfast Love: A Study of Psalm 107 by Lauren Chandler
  • Location: East Side of Lafayette


9:30-11:30 AM

  • Leaders: Rosemary Wright and Pam Griese
  • Study: Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney
  • Location: Senior Living Clubhouse at Faith East campus
  • Starts 8/17/2024
At/Near the Northend Community Center


9:00-11:00 AM

  • Leader: Lorri Wiegand
  • Study: Exodus part II, using Jen Wilkin's study guide
  • Location: Northend Community Center, with a virtual option


1:00-3:00 PM

  • Leader: Nikki Lambeth
  • Study: Philippians
  • Location: North side of Lafayette
  • Starts 8/19/2024

3:30-5:00 PM on the last Thursday of each month

  • Leader: Susan Blake
  • Study: Revelation: The Christian's Ultimate Victory by John MacArthur
  • Location: Northend Community Center
  • Ongoing, so you can join now!


9:00-10:30 AM

  • Leaders: Veronique LeBlanc and Katherine Butterbrodt
  • Study: Chosen: A Study on the Book of Ephesians by Daily Grace Co
  • Location: Northend Community Center
  • Starts 9/7/2024

Faith West


9:30-11:00 AM, only for ladies who attend Faith West

  • Leader: Kimberly Stefanik
  • Study: Romans: Good News that Changes Everything by Melissa Spoelstra
  • Location: Faith West
  • Please email Kimberly at time of registration if you need childcare as there may be the possibility that childcare can be provided.
South Side of Lafayette


9:30-11:00 AM every other Tuesday

  • Leader: Danielle Schlueter
  • Bible Study: Esther: Trusting God's Plan by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
  • Location: Southeast side Lafayette
  • Starts 9/3/2024
Surrounding Towns



9:00-11:00 AM

  • Leader: Stephanie Cassidy
  • Study: Ephesians using Life Change studies
  • Location: Monticello
  • Starts 8/21/2024
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Bible Studies Associated with Adult Bible Fellowships, Ministries, or Campuses

Registrations are ongoing and occur within each ABF. For more information about meeting times and locations please contact the leader listed.

Generations ABF at Faith East

Leader: Marcie Seubring

Email Marcie for more information about meeting times and locations and to sign up for the Bible study.

Learn More about ABFs

Bible Studies Associated with Faith Community Institute

Registrations occur at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.


A variety of Bible studies and ongoing mentoring relationships are available through Mom2Mom during their normal Wednesday evening class times during the school year. Signup for Mom2Mom is through Faith Community Institute.

Jennifer Cantu


Women's Bible Studies Administrative Assistant - Faith Church

Mom2Mom Steering Committee - Faith Church


If you have questions about Women's Bible Studies, Jennifer Cantu would be happy to help you!