Mom2Mom Leader Training
The mission of Mom2Mom is to glorify God by equipping moms to be faithful disciples in order to sow seeds of truth in their children’s hearts and live lives consistent with their biblical design.

Thank you for being willing to serve the ladies at Faith Church! The following resources are made available to train and prepare Mom2Mom leaders to lead their table effectively.

General Information

Please read through the following documents to learn how Mom2Mom works at Faith Church:

Mentor Moms

Mentor Mom Mission: 

To glorify God by training and equipping moms who are younger in the faith to become more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and guide them to sow seeds of truth in their children’s hearts. The mentor moms, who are mature, godly women, are to develop a relationship with those at their table that is grounded in the sufficiency of the scriptures and prayer and to intentionally encourage, teach, exhort, train, and hold the members accountable to be more faithful disciples. 

Steering Team
Table Coordinator

Table Coordinator Job Description: 

  • Be faithful in your daily growth in your relationship with Jesus and in your pursuit of becoming more like Him. 
  • Show love and compassion to the moms at your table. 
  • Create and maintain a private Facebook group. Send praises or prayer requests and communicate announcements and reminders to your table through this group. 
  • Follow up with requests to let your ladies know that you are praying for them. 
  • Organize a meal train for a mom with a new baby or a mom in need. 
  • Let the Director of Table Coordinators (Sarah Roe) know if there are specific needs at your table via private Facebook message or test message sent to 765-506-2137
  • Assist Mentor Mom in deciding activity during Meet Out Nights
Leader Training

The following resources will assist you as you lead your group:

Additional training topics that you will benefit from include:

Additional Resources for Emotions: 

Additional Resources for Group Counseling: 

Mentor Mom Monthly Check-in

Danielle Schlueter


Mom2Mom Coordinator - Faith Church


Danielle is a stay-at-home mom and leads a small group Bible study at Faith Church.

"I was challenged to dig deeper into God's Word. I loved the fellowship and accountability with each other."
- Lynette Wanner

"Leading a small group encourages my own growth and gives me the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with such a great variety of women!"
- Janet Aucoin