Taste of Christmas Hostess
Please use the information found here to help you complete your Table Hostess responsibilities for Taste of Christmas 2023!
Date and Location Information

Taste of Christmas 2023 will be held on Monday, Nov 20th. Doors open at 6 pm. Taste of Christmas will be held at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds again this year.


The supper will include appetizers as well as a buffet style served meal. Coffee and water will be available.

The Menu will be announced soon. There are no accomodations for special diets.

Number of Tables/Guests

There will be 140 tables for Taste of Christmas 2023. In 2022, there were 125 tables.

We expect to be able to seat 1,125 guests.

Responsibilities of a Table Hostess
  • Table Hostesses must be members of Faith Church.
  • This is an outreach event so that we have a venue for guests to hear the good news of Jesus!!! Please be outreach minded.
  • We're looking for table hostesses that will be able to create a warm, welcoming environment for our guests. We want guests to feel connected (1. to their table hostess, 2. to the other guests at the table, 3. to the program and the message of Jesus and the gospel that will be presented).
  • We hope that there are great conversations around the table. Table hostesses may have to help keep the conversation going.
  • If you're interested in hosting a table but decorating is a difficulty, reaching out to a friend and teaming up is a great way for you to both use your gifts!
  • You must read the 2023 Table Hostess Manual and watch the training video.
  • You are NOT responsible to find guests for your table. You may find guests for your table if you wish, but it is also helpful to have open tables for guests who may come with no prior Faith Church connections.

Childcare is available only for Table Hostesses and only with a reservation. Childcare will occur at Faith East Church. Please email the leaders to make a childcare reservation.


Please email the leaders of Taste of Christmas with questions or concerns.

Register to Become a Table Hostess

Please use this link to register as a table hostess. Your agreement to serve as a table hostess is not official until this registration form has been received. Thank you for completing this as early as possible, since that helps us plan.

Registration for table hostesses is open from beginning of June to the end of September. Once we have received 140 table hostess registrations, we will gather a list of backup table hostesses to help in the event of sickness or life-and-death emergency.