Volunteer at the Lafayette Living Nativity
December 6-8 & 13-15, 2024

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Opportunities to Serve


Cast members seek to represent the events described in the recording through pantomime and visitor interaction.

Serving in the cast is fun and easy! There are no scripts to memorize and previous experience is not required. Around 300 volunteers are needed every weekend to depict each of the scenes represented.

The cast will be divided into two teams which alternate in 20-30 minute shifts. When not in the scene, cast members are encouraged to enjoy the refreshments provided and to take advantage of building relationships with others who are serving.

Traffic Management

With thousands of people visiting the Living Nativity, traffic flow is one of the most important aspects of the Nativity. This team of volunteers helps guide the traffic flow as visitors enter our property and drive through the Nativity.

Due to the nature of the work, we are primarily looking for adult volunteers. High school students who are accompanied by their parents are welcome to work with their parents in this area.

Media Distribution

Those serving in this area have the opportunity to interact with our guests who choose to drive through the Nativity.

Volunteers are responsible for giving each car a CD and literature that provides specific instructions about driving through the Nativity and shares the powerful message of each scene, and collect these CDs at the end of drive-through.

Walk-through Greeter

As guests arrive to walk through the Nativity, you will have the opportunity to welcome and instruct them on how walk-through works. By walking through the Nativity, our guests actually interact with the cast and get a close-up view of the scenes.

Costume Distribution

Part of what makes the Living Nativity come to life is the costumes the cast members wear. If you serve in this area, you will assist in organizing, distributing, and collecting cast costumes.

Refreshment Team

Each evening, we provide snacks to those serving in the Living Nativity. We also offer refreshments to the many guests who choose to walk through the Nativity. This opportunity involves preparing and transporting food/drink, as well as serving visitors and volunteers.


These volunteers look after children 4 and under to allow their parents the opportunity to serve in the Nativity.

You must be a member of Faith Church and pass a background check to serve in this area.

Animal Caretaker

Each year, one of the major attractions for the Living Nativity is the animals. Caring for the animals is a nightly task and includes feeding, cleaning, and staging the animals. Children 16 & under must have a parent serving in animals with them.

Hospitality Team

Pass out hot chocolate and cookies to guests in cars waiting to drive through and guests walking through the Nativity.

Unload Trailers

A large crew is needed to help unload the sets from the semi-trailer storage and stage the scenery onsite.

If you volunteer to help with this area, you will still have the opportunity to serve in other areas of the Nativity.


A large crew is needed for one-time setup before the Living Nativity opens.

Setup consists of lifting, moving, and assembling Nativity scenes. Lunch will be provided for those who help in this area.

Nightly Setup & Teardown

Nightly setup consists of organizing props, staging and moving scenes, setting up lighting, and maintaining equipment during the Living Nativity weekends. Some lifting is involved.

Nightly Cleanup

Nightly cleanup takes place after the Living Nativity each night and involves cleaning the church and community center buildings. We need to make sure that our facilities are prepared for ministries taking place the next day.


Sets will need to be disassembled after the conclusion of the Living Nativity and stored for the next year’s use. We need a large crew of about 100 people willing to prepare our building and grounds for ministry during the remainder of the Christmas season.

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