Drug and Alcohol Addiction

How Did This Happen?

It is unbelievable to find yourself at this place, isn’t it?

Who would have thought that you would be so stuck! Who would have thought that you would be at the point where you can’t exist without cocaine or heroin or meth or pot? Who would have thought that you’d find yourself drinking just to get through the day? Who would have thought that, of all the people in the world, you would be the one doing things that make you feel ashamed just to get what you need to not fall apart all day long?

It Wasn't Supposed to Go This Far

This isn’t where your life was supposed to take you, is it? It was never supposed to get this bad! You were never going to let it control you. You were never going to need it just to survive. You knew that you’d be able to stop whenever you wanted. You knew that it was just your little friend, helping you get through the day. But your drug, your alcohol, is turning out to be a terrible enemy. And you are starting to feel like it wants to destroy you. It’s taking over your life.

If You Want to Change, We Want to Help

Learning how to function without the things that have consumed you is going to be really hard. But if you really want to change, we really want to help you. There is so much you can learn, so much to work through, so much freedom you can experience if you work to beat this addiction through a relationship with God. He offers true deliverance, and it’s possible for you!