Eating Disorders


You may be finding yourself at a confusing place right now. You might find that you thought you were doing a really good job living a controlled life, being safe, taking care of yourself. You might find that you are having a hard time understanding why your friends and family are so upset at the weight you’ve lost, at the way you’re eating, at the limits you are placing on yourself. You may even find that it is hard to think right now because nothing is making sense and you are too tired to work it out in your head. You may be feeling so conflicted, because you are in control but the world feels like it’s starting to spin out of control.

That’s a really hard place to be.


Alternately, you may find yourself consumed. Consumed with food. Consumed with the numbers on the scale. Consumed with amount of calories. Consumed with the constant thinking about food. Consumed with the constant craving to eat. If you could eat all day long you would, yet you can’t. You eat to satisfy your never ending hunger and then you have to purge it out of you because you can’t have those calories negatively affecting your life. Of if you can't bring yourself to purge then you exercise way more than you should. You probably feel very sad and maybe even very shaky, and you feel very very guilty. When will food every stop consuming every thought.

That’s a really hard place to be.


Confused….Consumed….literally overwhelmed. Life doesn’t have to be this hard. Your mind doesn’t have to be this filled with racing thoughts. You are probably hearing from lots of people that they are very concerned for you, and they think you need to get help. You know what? There’s a chance that they might be right. All of these attempts to control yourself, to comfort yourself, to keep yourself from being consumed with food might actually be starting to control you. You probably find yourself at the place that you are so involved in the mess that you don’t know where to go from here.

Find Real Hope and Lasting Change

Take heart. There is help available for you. If you want to be done with this disastrous relationship with food, we’re here to help you. We have great tools to help you investigate how these problems can be solved Biblically, permanently.

This could be the beginning of a much better future!

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