Life Too Intense?

Wow! Life is feeling pretty stressful right now, isn’t it! It is hard to live with the kind of pressure you do. It’s hard to have the kinds of expectations on your life that you feel that you can’t live up to. It’s hard to deal with the memories, the trauma, the really bad experiences that you don’t even know how to think about, much less resolve.

There are lots of reasons for hurting yourself…..stress, anxiety, memories, pressure, too much emotion, the need to punish yourself for messing up. Your body is probably covered with scars. But your heart is probably worse. You probably feel as if you are the loneliest, saddest, most pressure filled person that ever existed. You probably can not imagine ever feeling light or free. Maybe you never have.

It Can Get Better

You can learn how to deal with the pressure and anxiety. Problems can be solved, even if they’re very very bad problems.

As you think about ways to work through what you’re facing we'd like you to consider how the staff at Vision of Hope can help you. You’re not alone or the only one that has been tempted to hurt themselves physically to stop the pain inside. There are good answers for the questions you are facing, and we would love to help you get things figured out.