Stories of Hope

Each of these ladies were helped through Vision of Hope. If they were able to be helped, you can be, too.


"What I loved and worshipped the most was myself. And the person who I was, I didn’t see. I wanted to be an inspiration to others, but all I was a girl who was never thin enough, never beautiful enough, never happy enough, never spiritual enough, never strong enough, and always striving towards my definition of perfection."


"Running has been a part of my life for years. The emptiness I felt inside eventually manifested itself on the outside, and I ran straight toward anorexia. My weight became my obsession. It was something to live for. It held a powerful meaning to me because the emptier I felt on the inside, the more invisible I could become on the outside."


"At 4 years of age I was raped. Repeatedly…and for several years. I didn't really understand the things that were happening to me and I definitely didn't know how to get help. I was terrified and hurt. I wanted so badly to be safe... to feel safe. But all I felt was fear."