Unplanned Pregnancy

How Am I Going to Get Through This?

Learning that you are carrying a baby when you had not necessarily been planning for one can be shocking and unsettling. You may feel like you are barely able to care for yourself, much less the new little person growing inside of you. We know that what you’re going through is hard….really hard. You’re not exactly sure who you should be talking to about this. You’re not even sure if you want to think about all the changes that are coming up. You may have conceived this child during a rape or sexual assault. You may have thought that your relationship would be blessed by this child, but now your boyfriend is talking about leaving you. A baby may have never been a part of his plans. You may feel very, very confused…very hurt…very scared.

Your Story is Unique. We Can Help You Write the Next Chapter.

We have worked with pregnant women in all sorts of different situations. We believe that each mother, each conception, each pregnancy, each baby, each father, each story is unique. You may know that you want to parent this baby, and you are prepared to do so but you just need a little help getting on your feet. You may be convinced that placing this baby for adoption would be best. You may not be sure what to do.

In any case, we would love to help you! We will walk with you as you think through all of your options and support you as you work through the situations that have lead you to this spot. We believe that every life, including yours and the baby you are carrying, should be cherished and loved. Making the choice to not end your pregnancy, even if it was unplanned, was a courageous choice, and we want to honor that, support you, and offer hope for your future.

Every child is a gift from God. Even this one.