Our Worship


John Heim

Pastor of worship and music ministries

We seek to see worshipers enter into true and passionate worship as part of the natural outpouring of a life devoted to God's glory. To that end, we endeavor to have music that is relevant, balanced, and vital.


We desire to bring true and real worship to our God. As bridge-builders between the church and our community, we recognize that our culture is ever-changing. Taking Paul’s example in I Corinthians 9:22, we will seek to become all things to all men, so that we may by all means save some. We desire that our whole-hearted, passionate worship would bring glory to God and cause unbelievers to recognize His power and reality.


We understand that the body of Christ is diverse in so many ways. We seek to do our best to understand our church body and provide corporate worship opportunities that meet a wide variety of needs. We hold in high regard the great hymns of the faith, while understanding our desire to find new and fresh ways to praise our infinite God. We incorporate a balance of both old and new music in our worship services.


We believe that true and passionate worship is a vital part of every believer. A person who is consumed with glorifying God needs opportunities to lift their voice with joyful shouts of praise, as well as sincere confessions of sin. This needs to be done in private but we are also commanded to lift our voices corporately, with one voice, encouraging one another and giving praise to God.