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Bulletin  Notes


Love that Defines Your Identity

Application Disclaimers:

1) God applies this passage to His People who are being transformed by His grace and living out His salvation.

  • Romans 8:28-Those “called” and who “love God”
  • Romans 8:13-14-Being led by the Spirit, putting sins to death, sons of God

2) God applies this passage to His People who are being transformed by His grace and living out His salvation amidst very difficult times—suffering.

  • Romans 8:18-The sufferings of this present time…
  • Romans 8:35-tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril

Romans 8:31-38 helps us embrace three radical identity truths so that we may boldly engage in loving one-another this Christmas.

I. Real or perceived unmet earthly pleasures threaten my Christmas peace, but in Christ I need ______________ (8:31-32)

A. God has given us the greater eternal pleasure —Jesus, God’s Son

B. Why fret over lesser earthly pleasures?

II. Real or perceived opinions of man threaten to paralyze me with fear, but in Jesus, I am __________ by the only Person whose opinion matters (vv. 33-34)

A. The opinions of man often have controlling effects on us

B. Negatively-Neither Satan nor any person in your life has an evaluation of you that can lead to your ultimate harm

C. Positively-Christ, the Judge that matters, took your charge and condemnation for your benefit

III. Real or perceived circumstances endanger our earthly existence, but in Jesus, I am ____________ for eternity (vv. 35-39)

We are more than conquerors in earthly circumstances because in Christ we will live securely in eternal, heavenly circumstances

Paul’s contrasts show that Christ’s provision for the believer is as complete as possible and thus the believer is secure…

  1. In any state of existence: life or death
  2. Amidst any spiritual powers: angels, principalities, and powers
  3. In any temporal condition: things present and things to come
  4. In any location: things above or things below
  5. No matter what:  any other created thing

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