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Our Need for a Righteous King 

The Psalms capture the tension of living by faith in a rebellious world as David and the people of God wait for the Kingdom of God to arrive. The Psalms capture how David and the people learn to meditate on the promises of God and trust in God’s Sovereign Kingship over the world as they hope for “Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Because the Psalms form “patterns” of theology for the Davidic King and his people, many point forward prophetically to the Messiah and His people. That is why Christ applies so many psalms to Himself and the church has found great comfort in the Psalms.

1. God’s Righteousness is Our Greatest ________

Righteousness: Doing what is right based upon God’s values and not what will benefit me.

2. God’s Righteousness Brings __________________

Divine righteousness lived out harnesses all the earth’s physical resources and all human resources and then directs them to their proper end of blessed increase for the glory of God. Society would be amazingly livable. It would be a return to what Eden was supposed to be.

The irony—doing what is right not for your own benefit ultimately results in the abundant benefit for you and all.

3. God’s Righteousness Draws and Conquers ______________

True righteousness and its resulting wholeness can draw those far from righteousness

4. God’s Righteousness Merges with His Chosen King —Who is Our Greatest ________ of Divine Righteousness

  • Matthew 1:1, 20-23
  • Romans 3:21-22
  • Matthew 4:13-16, 23-24
  • Luke 6:38
  • Philippians 2:4-11