2018-2022 SMP & Capital Campaign
5 Year Strategic Ministry Plan & Capital Campaign
“Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account...” Philippians 4:17

An abbreviated 15-minute presentation of the Seeing More Clearly 5 Year Strategic Ministry Plan and corresponding capital campaign.

The full length 45-minute presentation of the Seeing More Clearly 5 Year Strategic Ministry Plan and corresponding capital campaign from the September Church Family night.

Campaign Overview

Dear Friend of Faith,

The year 2017 will be remembered as one of the most exciting and productive periods in our church’s history. The Lord chose to bless us in so many incredible ways that we took the unprecedented step of accelerating our strategic ministry planning process by an entire year. We even decided together that in order to best steward what the Lord is doing in and through us, we should launch the 2018-2020 Seeing More Clearly Capital Campaign, an eighteen million dollar effort to serve and honor Jesus Christ at an entirely new level in Lafayette and around the world.

The amazing news is that over 75% of these funds have already been raised. Isn’t that just like our Lord to go before us in this way? Now it is time for everyone in our church family to prayerfully determine how they would like to participate in this effort over the next three years. This page describes how these funds will impact outreach, education, community engagement, missions, campus safety, and biblical counseling.

Please prayerfully read the following information and marvel at the opportunities the Lord has placed before us.  Think about the lives that will potentially be affected by the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  And then rejoice that as a church family, we have the privilege of giving and serving in order to bring these dreams to fruition…together.

We are asking everyone in our ministry family to complete your campaign commitment envelope and return it at your earliest convenience to the Welcome Center. We plan to update our church family weekly on the campaign’s progress. Your timely response will be an encouragement to others around you.  The last day for commitments is Sunday, November 12. 

Joyfully serving our Savior together,

Your Pastors

Pledge Your Support

Capital Projects

Faith Christian/Faith Church Children’s Expansion

"This renovation will help provide an expanded academic learning environment and enhance the safety for the students and families that we serve."
     - Scott Grass, Pastor of Faith Christian School

The need for establishing a child’s heart for God is a mission both Faith Christian School and Faith Church’s children’s ministries have embraced wholly. To accomplish this goal, we need to increase our capacity as a church and school to better equip more children and partner effectively with more families. Faith Christian School plans to renovate the south wing of the Church/School building at the east campus. This project will provide new classroom spaces, increased security, and dedicated space for fine arts.  

This expanded early primary space will also be utilized by the church’s children’s ministries on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

Total Project Cost: $1.1M from Seeing More Clearly

Complete Northend Community Center

"This is a great opportunity to create a best practice model of community collaboration."
     - Lori Walters, Faith Community Development Director

Lafayette’s Northend Community Center will be a place where urban youth, teens, singles, families, seniors, and veterans will find resources and relationships to help them make healthy life choices. With a number of respected, non-profit agencies collaborating on location at the Northend Community Center, this is an exciting opportunity to bring important assets to those who live in the north end of Lafayette. 

We envision the north end becoming stronger — a picture of community health and an example of what compassion, collaboration, and coordination can achieve.

Total Project Cost: $16.55M ($13.535M Already Raised) raise remainder from Seeing More Clearly

Additional Housing for Men’s Restoration Ministry

"Another duplex means more men impacted and sustainability."
     -Greg Wetterlin, Director of Restoration Men's Ministries

Bethany Farms is the location of our men’s residential discipleship program. Our program includes involvement with the local church, individual biblical counseling, group Bible studies, and life skills training, and meaningful work. God gave the ministry a wonderful start, but in order to reach more men and maximize our efforts, we need the financial resources to add housing and support the work programs.

Project Cost: $200K from Seeing More Clearly

Expand Latin America Missions Strategy

"Biblical counseling in Latin America is like a field ready for the harvest."
     - Newton Peña, Pastor of Counseling and Hispanic Ministries

The Latin American Strategy is an initiative to teach biblical counseling and start biblical counseling centers in local churches throughout Latin America. Our strategy is multi-national. We are asking that the Lord would use this initiative to help churches be more effective for the cause of Christ. The funds will be used to enhance our efforts in challenging nations like Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti and help us reach the goal of also training national leaders through the educational programs of Faith Bible Seminary.

Project Cost: $150K from Seeing More Clearly

Support the Capital Campaign

Capital Projects if the Lord Chooses to Unusually Bless

Begin Development of Faith East Athletic Fields

The demand for additional outdoor athletic and recreation facilities on the east side of Lafayette is growing annually. The proposed Faith East Sports Center is a one-of-a-kind complex that will enhance and benefit the entire Greater Lafayette community.

Total Project Cost: $3M

Establish Northend Community School

There’s a critical need to offer transformative education in the north end of Lafayette. This begins with a discipleship and mentoring approach. A north end school creates greater accessibility and it creates a hub for family services and resources that strengthens families in the community.  

Total Project Cost: $2M

Launch Northend Low-Income Housing Corporation

As we gain experience in Lafayette’s north end, we see the need to provide an interim step toward successful home ownership. We’d like to begin a low-income housing corporation to provide affordable rental housing to families not ready for home ownership. The initial investment would permit the acquisition of existing housing to renovate for qualified tenants.

Total Project Cost: $2M

Faith East Interior Campus Roadway

In 2018, the existing Faith Church and school building will transition to a Monday-Friday school facility. To facilitate a safe campus for hundreds of students, we need to complete the road plan that was originally conceived during the development of the Faith East Community Center. This road will provide a safe, vehicle-free zone around the north end of FCS. 

Total Project Cost: $1M

Start Community College Degree Program at FBS

We have a vision of a community where people who are passionate about impacting their community will try to do so through the pursuit of a unique Bachelor Degree that focuses on education and action. Faith Bible Seminary is considering a ministry college degree program that seeks to change the education model and effectively equip pastors.  

Total Project Cost: $1.5M

Additional Development at Restoration Ministries

By renovating existing structures and expanding our programs this vital ministry can become more self-sufficient.

Additional Project Cost: $400K

Further Accelerate Latin America Strategy

Additional support would permit us to travel to more Latin American countries and provide expanded training and resources.

Additional Project Cost: $100K

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t decide how much to give. How do I decide?

You may wish to consider the vital role of Faith in providing spiritual growth and a solid biblical foundation for our families and their children as well as our responsibility to fulfill the great commission in our own community.

What do I need to know about my commitment?

It is a 36-month commitment period beginning in January of 2018. You may make weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.How does the capital campaign commitment affect what I give in the Sunday offering?

How does the capital campaign commitment affect what I give in the Sunday offering?

The capital campaign is over and above your normal tithe.

So basically, I will have two commitments?

That’s correct, your normal annual giving and your special financial commitment to the capital campaign.

When do I need to let Faith know about my commitment?

Please commitment at your earliest convenience. The deadline is Sunday, November 12, 2017. 

What happens if I make a commitment and then our financial situation changes?

A commitment is not a bill; it is a statement of intent. We realize that circumstances change and only ask that you do your best. If your financial situation improves during the commitment period, your support may be able to increase as well.

Can I make my capital campaign commitment online?

Yes, you can communicate your desires using the link below.

Commit to the Campaign