Women's Mentoring Ministry
Reaching the hearts and lives of women for Christ

Thank you for being willing to serve the ladies at Faith Church! The following resources are made available to train and prepare Mentors to minister effectively.

Apply to be a Mentor
Mentor Qualifications

Mentors for Faith Church Women's Ministry must be:

  • A member of Faith Church who is faithfully attending services and ABF or her campus' equivalent
  • Has served faithfully under a Key Leader for at least one year with a recommendation of the Key Leader in their current area of service
  • A mature believer who has demonstrated consistent growth and is not a novice in the faith
  • Able to demonstrate humility under authority
  • Able to maintain a Mentoring relationship with humility and propriety
  • Willing/able to meet weekly with a Mentee
  • Willing to give and provide accountability for simple weekly assignments to the Mentee
  • Committed to Biblical Counseling philosophy
  • Able to agree with and sign Faith Church “Leadership Standards” document
  • Nominated by Faith Church Women’s Key Leadership Team
  • Able to secure a written recommendation from a current Key Leader in a ministry where she has been serving for at least a year
  • Approved by Faith Church pastoral team
Policies and Procedures

Please read through the following documents to learn how Women's Mentoring works at Faith Church:

Mentor Training

Saturday, May 4, 2024 Fall Women's Leadership Training Seminar - Open to all ladies of Faith Church

  • Faith East Church, 8:00am-11:30pm
  • All mentors are invited and strongly encouraged to attend!
  • Janet will be teaching on "Understanding the Heart"

Saturday A.M. equipping times held in the Spring and Summer, as available

  • Held in Jen's home at 98 Penridge Court from 9:00 until 11:00 a.m.
  • April 6, 2024
  • Please read Lou Priolo's booklet on Fear

Each Mentor must now complete the following in order to stay in this position of leadership:

Participation in any of the following is strongly encouraged:

Access all past Women's Saturday Ministry Training Seminars

What To Expect

After you've agreed to enter into a formal mentoring relationship, you'll receive an email from the Key Leader with the following information:

  • Mentee's Intake Form
  • Recommended time frame of Mentoring relationship
  • Any additional information received during the Mentee's interview process.

Next, the Key Leader will send an email to the Mentor and Mentee announcing the Mentor/Mentee match.

The Mentee is responsible for making the initial contact to be done within 2-5 days of that email announcement.

The first Mentor Meeting should be scheduled within the first week after contact has been made.

First Meeting
  • Use the Mentee Intake Form that was emailed to you by the Key Leader as a guide to gather information about the Mentee and her goals/desires.
  • Ask for the Mentee's testimony and/or a Reader's Digest version of her life story.
  • Ask "How would this relationship look to you if it is successful?"
  • Ask "What are you wanting from this relationship?"
  • Clarify the recommended length of time for the formal mentoring relationship.
  • Review goals and desires (in first meeting and throughout relationship).
Weekly Mentor Meeting Expectations

The weekly meeting should last one hour and take place in a location suitable for both participants.

Weekly homework may be assigned. It should always be focused on the stated goals of the Mentee becoming a more faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

Review written mentoring goals and desires frequently.

Accountability within the mentoring relationship should be considered one-sided in that the Mentor is holding the Mentee accountable, but the Mentee does not hold the Mentor accountable.

Monthly Assessments & Exit Report

Jen Clarke


Administrative Assistant - Faith West


Jen serves as the Key Leader of the Women's Mentor Ministry, volunteers for the Biblical Counseling Training Conference, and is a women's Bible Study leader at Faith Community Institute. She has been married to Ken for 33 years. They have two grown children and two grandsons.