Apply for Residency
Please fill out an application so we can ensure Vision of Hope is the right fit for you!
Application Overview Document

Please take time to read through the document linked below. Most individuals will find that the application process takes 4-6 weeks from start to finish. Additional time may be spent on the waiting list.

8-step Application Process

1. Read and agree to all Supporting Documents.

The Supporting Documents explain the Vision of Hope program, its expectations, and the requirements of residency. Applicants must read and agree to abide by all Supporting Documents before filling out an application.

Please read to be aware of this information:

Please print off, read, sign, and return with your completed Application:

2. Complete and submit the application forms, after reading and agreeing to all Supporting Documents.

  • The application should be completed in your own handwriting
  • Include two 4x6 photos (headshot and full body shot)

3. Call or visit to complete a scheduled Intake Interview with a member of the Intake Committee.

4. If the staff believes the applicant is a good candidate for the Vision of Hope program, staff will advise the Applicant to complete "Application Part B."

5. Staff will advise the Applicant to schedule and complete a "12 Hour Visit." This visit is intended to help Applicants verify whether the realities of the Vision of Hope program are what will be best suited to address the Applicant’s unique situation.

6. Staff will schedule and complete a telephone-based Medical Interview with a representative from the Vision of Hope medical team.

7. Using all of the data received during the Application process, Intake Committee Staff will make a decision about the application and will communicate that to the Applicant.

8. Approved Applicants will either be given a scheduled move-in date or placed on the waiting list.

Room & Board Fees

Phase 1 - Girls and their families are asked to contribute a minimum suggested donation of $400/month during the entire time they are in Phase 1 to offset the room and board costs. Any donations are considered non-refundable.

Phase 2 - Girls in Phase 2 have a required, non-refundable payment of $400/month to cover room and board.

Phase 3 - Girls in Phase 3 have no room and board payment requirements as they will be living either back at home or on their own in their home location.

Where to Send Completed Applications

Mail To:

Vision of Hope
Attn: Intake Committee
5652 Mercy Way
Lafayette, IN 47905

Fax To:

(765) 449-3703


If you have questions about the application process or have trouble filling out the documents, please call (765) 447-5900 (ask to leave a message for the Intake Committee) or email the Vision of Hope Intake Committee.