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Resource Friday: Redeemed from the Pit

This week in our “Resource Friday” series, we would like to talk about a great book we use for many of our ladies who are struggling with eating disorders, Redeemed from the Pit by Marie Notcheva. This book has truly been instrumental to our ladies… Read More

Where They Are Now: Rachel Bailey, Intern

As we have clearly seen in the past couple of months on the blog, our internship program is a huge part of Vision of Hope which really offers 2 tracks for spiritual growth: one for residents and one for interns. Not only does VOH provide counseling… Read More

Resource Friday: Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

Vision of Hope uses many different biblical resources in our curriculum that we use to help our ladies. Over the next several months, we would like to share insights from these resources to encourage you and help equip you in your walk with Christ. Our plan is to post… Read More
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