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What We Do: Craft Days

Did you know Vision of Hope runs a shop? Reclaimed Hope, LLC, our nifty thrifty shop, is located in Brookston, Indiana and sells a variety of upcycled décor and jewelry made by VOH residents. This store helps financially support the ministry of VOH, gives residents… Read More

How to Not be Stupid, Part 2

I love many things: dark chocolate, sunny days, chai tea, the beach, reading a good book and playing games with my family, to name a few. Discipline is not something I would think to include in such a list, yet the Bible holds up discipline… Read More

How to Not be Stupid, Part 1

Growing up, the word “stupid” was almost considered a swear word in our house. If my brother or sister called me stupid, I was beyond offended. My parents desired to raise their children to honor the Lord and show love and kindness to others. In… Read More
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