Adoption Ministry


The Adoption Ministry at Vision of Hope is available to assist in situations when a single pregnant woman living at Vision of Hope or in the Lafayette community has decided that the best choice for her child's future includes growing up in a two parent, Christ-centered family. 

Each single pregnant woman in the program receives complete and unbiased counseling regarding the available choices for her unborn child.  If a decision to pursue adoption is made, there are many well-qualified, pre-screened adoptive families from which birth mothers may choose.  Additionally, birth mothers living at Vision of Hope may decide to use another Christian adoption agency or may pursue private adoption on their own.

The Adoption Ministry supports a wide range of choices for each adoption and believes that each situation is as unique as the individuals involved.  Adoptions coordinated through the Vision of Hope Adoption Ministry can be open, semi-open, or closed depending upon the preferences of both the birth mother and the adoption family. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption but you are not a Vision of Hope resident, please complete the Birthparent Information Form.  When mailing or faxing this form to Vision of Hope, please direct it to the attention of the adoption ministry. The adoption ministry coordinator will then schedule a phone call or meeting with you to begin answering your questions and help you explore more in considering an adoption plan for your child.