Residential Treatment Costs


Too many times individuals who need help find cost of treatment prohibitive, and thus delay working through issues to the extent that is required for true victory and freedom from sin.

Vision of Hope is pleased to be able to offer residential treatment at a cost that is not financially burdensome to residents or their families.  There are no program fees for classes, group counseling, individual counseling, family reconciliation, life skills training, or any other component of the help received while girls are at Vision of Hope. 

Girls and/or their families are asked to contribute toward room and board costs during their stay Additionally, girls and their families are urged to be sacrificially involved in two main fundraising events each year, Race for Hope and Tribute To Hope Fundraising Banquet.

Because Vision of Hope is able to offer its program to girls and their families at no cost beside room and board, residents have the ability to stay as long as needed to thoroughly deal with intensive problems.

Room and Board Fees

  • Phase 1 -  Girls and their families are asked to contribute a minimum suggested donation of $400/month during the entire time they are in Phase 1 to offset the room and board costs. Any donations are considered non-refundable.
  • Phase 2  -  Girls in Phase 2 have a required, non-refundable payment of $400/month to cover room and board.  
  • Phase 3  -  Girls in Phase 3 have no room and board payment requirements as they will be living either back at home or on their own in their home location.

Supporting the Ministry

The real costs for providing Vision of Hope are high.  Providing 24 hour programming, care, staff, and security for 23 residents is expensive and challenging. 

While the program is provided to every resident at no cost other than room and board, we do encourage residents, graduates, parents, friends, home churches, and/or families to sacrificially support the ministry as God blesses them financially.

Vision of Hope is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry, supported by the donations of individuals, church, businesses, and families who are committed to offering life changing help from God's Word.

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