Program Structure



Help from our program occurs over three phases:

  • Phase 1: Each resident spends a minimum of six months in an intensive Phase One, where a solid foundation of Biblical truth is set and initial presentation problems begin to be resolved.  After objective standards are met, residents may then progress to Phase Two.
  • Phase 2: Individually set goals begin to be accomplished in this phase.  Many times residents in Phase Two work or pursue education while still living in the Vision of Hope home.  
  • Phase 3: In Phase Three, residents move out of the Vision of Hope house, either back to their home location or into a local house or apartment to slowly transition back to the normal level of assistance and accountability offered through their own local church.  The goal for every graduate is that they will have had the opportunity to thoroughly resolve problems from the past, break current life-dominating habits, and live productively and Biblically in the future. 

Time Commitment

A significant up-front commitment is required due to the intensive nature of the problems each girl must face and resolve during her stay at Vision of Hope.

During the application process, each resident is asked to make an open-ended time commitment to the program in order to allow adequate time to thoroughly work through issues, solidly get back on her feet, and transition back to life on her own again in a balanced and self-disciplined way.  True growth takes time and a lot of effort, and that change process should not be rushed.

Most residents find that 12-18 months in the program is generally adequate, although graduation readiness is individually determined.