Who We Help


We offer a faith-based residential ministry for girls age 14 - 28 struggling with unplanned pregnancy, alcohol or drug abuse, eating disorders, or self-harm.

Who Can Vision of Hope Help?

The best candidates for residency are those women who are sure that a faith - based ministry and approach to solving her problems is what she really desires.  The young woman best suited to the Vision of Hope program is 14 – 28 years old, single, serious about working through her problems, and desiring to serve Jesus Christ with her whole heart.

Generally the women who do best in the program are the ones who are already working on resolving problems but find themselves stuck, needing someone to help them in the process.  Due to the in-depth nature of the work that will be required while in the program, potential residents must be ready to be very honest, truly authentic, and willing to be real.

Vision of Hope is a voluntary program and will not accept residents who are being sent against their will.  A desire to get help is mandatory for all potential residents.

Married women may be considered for residency on a case – by – case basis.  We do not accept ladies under the age of 18 from outside of the United States at this time.

Pregnancy and Children

Single pregnant woman will be compassionately served whether they choose to single parent or place their child for adoption. If a resident chooses adoption, Vision of Hope will be happy to facilitate the birth mother placing that child with a loving, Christ-centered family in a private adoption through the Vision of Hope Adoption Ministry.

While children are not allowed to live at Vision of Hope, it is the staff’s desire that any child of ladies in residence be appropriately cared for while their mothers are in the program.  Residents will need to find their own accommodations for their children if they choose to keep their baby or already have children in their care.  .

Health Issues

In all cases, the best candidate for the program should be in relatively good health and capable of fully participating in the normally scheduled events of the day.  Because Vision of Hope is not a medical facility, it may not be best suited for applicants with situations requiring direct medical oversight (including some classifications of daily medications, feeding tubes, diabetics, etc). 

Women who are battling anorexia may be required to restore weight to a certain level to become medically stable prior to receiving a move in date.  Additionally, individuals who are currently abusing substances may be required to complete a medically supervised detox program prior to receiving an invitation to move in for help at Vision of Hope.  In all situations regarding medical conditions, clear steps will be outlined by the staff during the application process.