High School Classes

Our curriculum is rigorous and challenges students to be ready for their next step after graduation. We’re regularly offering new classes and programs to inspire students to expand their interests, skills, and vision for how they can serve the Lord in their future.

Departments and Class List

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Each grade level in high school takes their Bible class together, with multiple teachers leading the class cooperatively. Our Bible classes emphasize understanding not only Scripture, but also how it applies to our increasingly diverse culture. Small groups help students deepen friendships with one another and focus on their own spiritual growth.

Class List
-Freshman Bible
-Sophomore Bible
-Junior Bible
-Senior Bible


Faith Christian well exceeds the state average for student proficiency in standardized math testing. Students are required to take a math class all four years, and several math electives are available for those who expect to pursue mathematics in college or as part of their careers.

Class List
-Algebra I
-Algebra II*
-Quantitative Reasoning*
-AP Pre-Calculus
-AP Calculus
-Algebra I Lab

*Honors options available


High School English literature classes focus on understanding major literature concepts; studying classic novels; learning authors’ methods; increasing vocabulary; and writing essays, critiques, and other papers. Junior English students write many projects to prepare them for their senior year and the SAT essay. Senior English students prepare for college through literature and vocabulary studies, and write a senior thesis to culminate their year.

Class List
-English 9*
-English 10
-American Literature and Composition
-Biographies and Composition
-AP Language and Composition
-AP Literature and Composition

*Honors options available


Students in 9th grade study biology, and then will choose different science tracks in 10th-12th grades. Our general science curriculum includes Chemistry, Earth Science, and Integrated Chemistry & Physics. Rigorous courses in Honors Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, and Physics are offered for students preparing for the demands of further science study in college. All of our courses are grounded in the belief that God is the Sovereign Creator.

Class List
-Advanced Biology
-Integrated Chemistry/Physics
-AP Physics I (Algebra-based)
-AP Physics C (Calculus-based)
-AP Chemistry
-Anatomy and Physiology

*Honors options available

Social Studies

Freshmen take Geography to learn about the physical and population geography of the world and how people groups function on a daily basis. In World History, sophomores acquire a well-rounded historical perspective by looking into actions of past civilizations and comparing them to the perspective of the Scriptures. Juniors and Seniors may study U.S. History (Civil War through modern day) or AP U.S. History (broader U.S. History themes, original source documents, and essay writing). In Government/Economics, Seniors learn how our country’s political and economic systems function by using lectures, activities, mock presentations, and group work.

Class List
-World History*
-US History
-AP US History
-Current Problems, Issues and Events
-Topics in History

*Honors options available

Foreign Language

Faith offers up to four years of Spanish, with the first two years required for graduation. These classes go beyond the vocabulary and grammar of the Spanish language, incorporating faith and culture as well. All students use Spanish in practical Christian disciplines, such as memorizing Scriptures and learning the “Romans Road” in Spanish, beginning to pray and worship in Spanish, and attending a Spanish church service. They also must eat at a Hispanic restaurant, watch Spanish-language films, and write a report. They study famous Hispanics and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries, including planning “trips” to various cities. In upper levels, students will also work on a year long project.

Physical Education

Physical education classes offer a wide variety of individual, dual, and group activities, seeking to benefit the overall health and wellness of each participant. The also give students and opportunity to try sports and physical games they might not experience otherwise, like lacrosse, floor hockey, and badminton. Freshmen also take a health class, emphasizing God’s wonderful design of the human body and our ability to use our bodies to serve Him.

Class List
-Advanced PE

Fine Arts

Music, theater, and the visual arts are well-represented in the high school curriculum. Wherever their interests and talents lie, students will have an opportunity to develop their talents, hone their skills, and share their art with the community. All music ensembles hold regular concerts. The drama department learns theater history and holds performances for younger students and senior citizens. Art classes give students a chance to try a variety of mediums and display their work at shows. In all cases, students are led by passionate teachers in glorifying God with their creativity and talents.

Class List
-Theatre Arts
-Art General
-Art Specific


The broad range of electives offered at Faith allows high school students to explore their interests, or prepare for a specific calling after graduation. Faith requires at least six elective credits for graduation, or eight to graduate with honors. That can include fine arts classes as well.

Class List
-Computer Programming
-Digital Applications and Responsibility
-Indiana Studies
-Basic Skills Development
-Preparing for College and Careers
-High Altitude Balloon
-Math Lab
-Study Hall

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