J Term Classes, Internships & Trips

J Term is offered in the month of January as a break between 1st semester and 2nd semester to encourage students to focus on concentrated and creative studies. 

J Term gives students an opportunity to learn a new skill, study a topic in-depth, check out a career, or take an exciting trip! We believe that the lessons and opportunities students experience through this program will be a tremendous value and blessing to the academic, social, spiritual, and vocational direction of each student involved.

During J Term, our students have opportunities to interact with and learn from others outside of the traditional classroom setting. Through service opportunities, guest speakers and teachers, internships, and trips, our students learn and "shine their lights" for Christ.

J Term Internships

Internships are not just a job shadow. The J Term internship program was created to help students learn about future educational and career options, realize their gifts and abilities, and provide an opportunity to serve our community. 

Automotive Manufacturing

Alex found the process of going from raw materials to a working car the the Subaru factory really interesting. 

Veterinarian Clinic 

Rubie has always wanted to be a vet. Our January J-term internship program gave her an opportunity to go on a 1-week internship at a local veterinarian clinic. 


MJ and Alex interned at an E-commerce consultancy for a week. They saw the inner workings of the company and work directly with some of the staff. 

Physical Therapy

Christian's internship with Lafayette Regional Rehabilitation Hospital furthered his motivation to pursue physical therapy as a degree.

Other internship opportunities include:

  • Education (elementary through university)
  • Medicine (nursing, pharmacy, sports medicine, healthcare)
  • Law enforcement
  • Music
  • Food service
  • Business (promotions/marketing, banking, insurance, cosmetology)
  • Church ministry
  • Graphic design
  • Theater
  • Science (medicine, marine biology, engineering)

We're excited about the new life experiences our junior high and senior high school students have that will broaden their perspectives and help equip them to live effectively in God's world!

Host a J-term Internship

If you're interested in hosting a J-term internship, please let us know. We're always looking for ways to expand the opportunities for our students. 

J Term Trips

J Term trips offer students an opportunity to travel the world and interact with others. Educational trips are offered to expose students to new languages and explore history and customs. In previous years, students have had the opportunity to travel to Scotland, England, Florida, and Mexico City.

J Term Classes

Students who enroll in classes will choose a morning and an afternoon class. Hands-on, active learning is an important focus of each class. Some examples of previous practical, special interest, and developmental classes include:

  • Exploring Sculpture in Clay
  • Driver's Education
  • Healthy Living
  • Jerusalem, Judea
  • Cosmetology
  • Archery
  • World Religions/Apologetic
  • Landscaping
  • Latin American Food
  • Serve Lafayette
  • Financial Peace
  • Civil War
  • Firearm Safety
  • Music History and Appreciation
  • French Immersion