Financial Aid

Faith Christian School is participating in the Indiana State Choice Scholarship ("voucher") program and the Scholarship Tax Credit (or Scholarship Granting Organization, SGO) scholarship program.  

Who Qualifies?

  • The Indiana State Choice Scholarship, or "voucher" program, applies to students entering 1st grade or higher who attended an Indiana public school the previous two semesters. There are other pathways, as well, that make a student eligible for the Choice Scholarship program, as long as the household income guidelines are met. The voucher program is explained further at the Indiana Department of Education website.
  • The SGO program could help students entering Faith Christian School in kindergarten. The SGO scholarship program is explained further in this handout.
  • Household income guidelines, based on the free-and-reduced lunch program income levels, determine if a student qualifies for a voucher or SGO scholarship, and for how much.

How It Works

For the voucher program (“Choice Scholarship”), be sure to read over the documents about income limits and income verification rules. (New voucher recipients must fall within the "100%" or "150%" income levels, except for Special Ed. students, which must fall within the 200% income limit.) Once a student has been accepted for enrollment at Faith Christian School, the voucher application will be submitted by the school office through a secure Indiana Department of Education website. A parent must be present at the school office when the voucher application is submitted. Income verification information (usually in the form of the previous year's Federal Income Tax return) must be supplied to apply for either the Choice Scholarship or the SGO program.  The Choice Scholarship law also requires that a random lottery be held at each participating school in the case that, by a certain date, the number of applications for Choice Scholarships exceeds the number of seats available at FCS to Choice Scholarship students. The FCS Lottery Date for the 2014-15 school year, if needed, will be April 1, 2014.  If no lottery is needed and space is still available, more Choice Scholarships may be awarded. Please read this document for more information about the lottery process at Faith Christian School.

Get Started Today

The number of scholarships and the time to get involved in these programs are both limited.  If you desire a Christ-centered education for your child and want to know if the state scholarship programs could help, please contact the school office at 765-447-2727. We will arrange to meet with you and your child about FCS, the enrollment process, and how the scholarship programs might apply in your situation.