Tuition & Aid

We are committed to offering a comprehensive Christian education that is financially accessible to as many families as possible. While the investment of a Christian education carries a cost for virtually every family, the Indiana Choice Scholarship makes FCS more affordable than you think! Most families pay a monthly tuition between $80 - $200 per student in grades K-12. To keep our tuition affordable, and to provide additional financial assistance as needed, FCS participates in regular fundraising efforts.

2024 - 2025 Tuition Rates
Annual Tuition Monthly Payment with Choice Scholarship *
K5 (Half Day) $5,925 $0
K5 (Full Day) - 5th Grade $8, 020 $84-$140
6th Grade - 12th Grade $8,700 $140-$200
* Choice Scholarship qualification and amount vary
Financial Aid

Our families have access to extensive financial aid to help them choose an FCS education for their children. Most of our families receive financial aid of some kind, and we are happy to discuss these specific programs with you and review the relevant qualification requirements.

Indiana Choice Scholarship Program

This is the most common form of aid that most of our families receive, and the scholarships can be up to $7,000 per student every year. If you are an Indiana resident and fall under the household income requirements you will qualify for this scholarship. For Fall 2024, a household of four with a total annual household income under $230,000 will qualify, and the income limit increases or decreases based on household size. More information can be found at the Indiana Department of Education website.

SGO Scholarships

Certified Scholarship Granting Organizations provide scholarships to eligible students using funding from private donations that are eligible for a tax credit.

Multiple Child Discount

To help families with multiple children in grades K5 – 12 at FCS, we offer the following discounts (discount is typically applied to the youngest student): 2 children - $300, 3 children - $600, 4 children - $1,200, 5 children - $1,500, 6 children - $1,800.

Tuition Assistance Fund

FCS has a Tuition Assistance Fund which is designated for students with a financial need who are recommended because of their faithful walk and testimony. A “C” average or better is also a necessary requirement to maintain the assistance. Applications for tuition assistance are available in the school office.

529 Savings Plan

These plans were originally created to encourage families to save for higher education, but they can also be used to pay for K - 12 tuition expenses. Indiana offers a tax credit of 20% (up to $1,500 per year) for contributions to these plans.