School Choice Week
Celebrating School Choice

We believe that parents are the best equipped to find the school that best fits the needs and goals of their student, and where you live or your income should not be the deciding factor in a child’s education. School Choice in Indiana has empowered thousands of parents to take ownership of their child’s education and find the school that is the best fit for their child. Hear from all of our Lafayette non-public schools, and some of our own FCS families, how school choice has made a difference for them.

The Berry Family

After a family tragedy, the Berry family was able to choose FCS as a Christ centered environment where they would find comfort, encouragement, and healing.

The Riley Family

School choice has helped the Riley family find the best fit for their child who needed special instruction to grow and thrive.

The Denton Family

Hear from one of our alumni how the ability to choose FCS made all the difference in her education.

Support School Choice

Make your voice heard and let your local legislators know that school choice is critical for all families to choose the best school for their children. The INPEA advocates for school choice, and you can use their Legislative Action Center to easily contact your local leaders or sign up to receive legislative alerts.