Visual Arts

Art at FCS seeks to harness each student’s creativity to the glory of God. Beyond developing talent and exploring new mediums, Faith also teaches art students visual problem solving. Each artist at Faith is encouraged to think critically about design, expression, and visual communication, while stretching their own imagination.


Each week, elementary students get a chance to explore their creativity with an art lesson teaching the basic elements of visual art.

Middle School

Middle school art pushes students' critical thinking about art to a new level. Classes go more in depth with color theory and techniques, while offering students hands-on experience with several mediums.

High School

High school offers 2D art as an introductory class each year, and a rotating selection of other classes which focus on 3D art, design, and more.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Art Club

Art Club is open to high school students and meets once a week. They explore mediums and techniques outside of the usual class curriculum, deciding together what to try next. Past examples include screen printing and book binding. Art club also works with the drama department on set design for each school production.


Students have the option of submitting their best work in several local and state-wide competitions. These come up throughout the year and cover a variety of themes and mediums.


The art department holds a show in conjunction with the school’s music concerts each semester. All art students will have their artwork displayed and have the opportunity to share their talents with the rest of the FCS community.