SCRIP Fundraising

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a program that allows you to credit money directly to your tuition account by ordering gift cards and certificates for the stores and restaurants that you regularly use.

How does it work?

The school purchases gift cards and certificates for a variety of retailers from the Great Lakes SCRIP Center at a discounted rate. The school, in turn, credits the percent discounted directly to your tuition account.

  • Here’s an example of how you could save by purchasing gift cards for things already included in your budget:
  • Meijer or Payless $200 3% discount = $6 credit
  • Walmart $100 2% discount = $2 credit
  • Speedway or Family Express $100 4% discount = $4 credit
  • TOTAL CREDIT = $12.00 that is credited to your tuition

So, by purchasing gift cards for the stores and restaurants where you already shop and eat, you can reduce your tuition bill! SCRIP may also be purchased by family and friends and they can designate the credits they earn to be credited to your tuition account to save you even more money. It is good to note that some gift cards have expiration dates. Many of them can be used to make on-line purchases, but most cannot be used to pay off-store credit cards.

A full list of participating retailers and details for each retailer can be found at

Getting Started

Register online at (see detailed instructions below). If you do not have internet access, contact Marsha Mathews at (765) 491-3087 so alternate ordering arrangements can be made. 

Place your order online each week from Tuesdays at 12:01 am through 8:00 am on Monday mornings. **Please do not place orders on Mondays after the 8:00 am deadline until midnight that evening.

Pay online using PrestoPay or drop off a check for your online order total in the SCRIP box at FCS anytime before 8:30 a.m. on Monday mornings. The SCRIP box is located inside the flagpole entrance of the school.

Pick up your order on Thursday afternoon in the school office. The orders will be on the counter in a plastic box labeled “SCRIP.” (If it is not out, just ask one of the office staff to get it.) Please take the time to check your order to make sure it is correct, sign that you have picked it up, and you are done! (If there is a problem with your order, please leave your order in the SCRIP box and contact Chrissy Paige right away at 490-5417.)

Please be sure to drop off payment for your order by 8:30 am on Mondays. Orders that are not paid for cannot be included in the order when it is placed!

There is a $1.00 fee to help pay for shipping costs and supplies for the SCRIP program. It will be deducted from the credits you earn before they are credited to your tuition account.


We also sell SCRIP on Friday afternoons from 3:00–3:45 pm at the Welcome Center. Gift cards from the following retailers are available for purchase at the SCRIP Store:

  • Arni’s, Culver’s, Marsh, Payless/Kroger, Family Express
  • Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, Meijer, Walmart, Speedway

Signing Up Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “create account” in the green box that says “Family Sign Up!”
  3. Follow the steps it goes through and click “I Accept.”

Please enter both the Family ID Number and the last name of the family that the credit will go to in the “Student Name” box when you register.

(Family ID numbers can be found on your monthly billing statement. If you can’t find your ID number, please email or call Marsha Mathews.)

IMPORTANT: Enter the enrollment code and click “Join.” You need to enter this code so that you are associated with the school. The enrollment code is: L84294F22L46. If you do not enter this code, your credits will not be on the school’s reports.

If you have friends and family members who would also like to help you out by purchasing SCRIP, you can either give them the username and password for your account or have them set up their own account. If they create their own account, make sure they follow the steps above and enter your Family ID number and your last name in the “Student Name” box when they register to insure your account gets credited.

You can also pay online at using PrestoPay The SCRIP company charges a $0.39 fee for the convenience of paying online Also, be aware that it may take a few days after you sign up for PrestoPay to actually purchase your order that way because the SCRIP company has to verify the bank accounts. Please be sure to pay for your order with a check until your PrestoPay account is verified and activated.

When you sign up to use PrestoPay, it will email you an approval code once your account is verified. Please forward this code to Marsha Mathews for account activation.

SCRIP orders can be placed each week from Tuesdays at 12:01 am through 8:00 am on Monday mornings, but not on Mondays after the 8:00 am deadline until midnight that evening. You can either pay for your order online using PrestoPay or just drop off a check for your order total anytime before 8:00 am on Monday mornings. Please be sure to drop off payment for your order by that time. Orders that are not paid for CANNOT be included in the order when it is placed! The orders will be submitted on Monday mornings after 8:30 am and be ready for pick up in the school office Thursdays at the end of the school day.


We need volunteers!! SCRIP is a great program that directly benefits the families here at Faith, but it takes volunteers to keep the program up and running. 

If you have any questions about SCRIP or would like to volunteer please contact Marsha Mathews at 765-491-3087 or online.