Student and Parent Testimonials

We know that choosing the right school is important to you and important for your child. Test scores tell you something about us, but to learn about our Christ-centered focus, our value, our commitment to excellence in everything, our care for students, and our solid relationships with parents, we encourage you to talk with others who have already experienced Faith Christian School. Here are some thoughts from just a few of those people.

Complete Commitment: At FCS God’s Word is the supreme authority for all that we do, a relevant Biblical worldview is taught, and servant leadership skills are emphasized. We have weekly chapels, daily Bible classes, and over 70 community churches represented.

Complete Preparation: Strong academics - accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Indiana Department of Education - and extensive extracurricular activities will prepare your child for continuing education...and life.

Complete Care: You wont find more dedicated teachers who care more deeply about their students. Just ask our students and their parents.

Student and Alumni Testimonials
Micayla Zeger

"No words can describe how absolutely thankful I am for Faith and the assistance program that has allowed me to be here for 7 years. Each day you walk into the school building you are greeted with a smile and taught not only by words but by actions. The teachers at faith have always been willing to take time from their day to discuss topics that matter eternally. ... You have no idea the impact you have on so many students. Thank you for giving even when it was hard. Thank you for allowing students to receive an education that is focused on eternity..."

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Mary Bolander: It was at FCS that I fell in love with anatomy, and the human body - how it works, how it moves, and what it does - and just the incredible Creator that we have. If it wasn't for Mrs. Thomas and everything I learned here, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Chris Costidakis: One of the teachers that had a big impact on my life would be Mrs. Smith. She was always willing to sit down with me and talk to me about how things were going in classes or in life out of school. She was my mentor here at Faith.

Morgan Fox: The biggest thing I learned at Faith was that whatever I do, I should do it with excellence, whether it's doing a "little" homework assignment, or in a relationship treating my friends with respect, or treating authority with respect - I really learned to do that at Faith.

Jacob Quick: Probably the most important thing and the most impactful thing that Faith had for me was allowing me to develop my relationship with Jesus Christ. Knowing that He's never going to leave me or forsake me is something I can find hope in.