Why Choose Faith Christian School?


What makes Faith Christian School an excellent choice in private, Christian education?

Complete Commitment

  • A deep commitment

    to honoring Christ in everything

    God’s Word is the supreme authority for all that we do.
  • Relevant Biblical worldview taught and emphasized.
  • Servant leadership skills emphasized.
  • Weekly chapels and daily Bible class.
  • Over 70 community churches represented.

Complete Preparation


for vocation and service


Extracurricular Activities

  • Outstanding Fine Arts program including: bands, choirs, speech, drama, etc.
  • Elementary, Jr. High, and High School sports teams including: volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, cross country, bowling, etc.
  • School competitions including Fine Arts, Bible, Academic testing, etc.
  • School play, community programs, parades, outreach, etc.
  • Community service

Complete Care

A care for students

that exceeds expectations

You won't find more dedicated teachers who care more deeply about their students. Just ask our students and their parents


What Faith Christian School offers for the cost is unsurpassed.

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