Our Goals


Beyond the surface

Chapel is part of a regular week at FCS, but spiritual training doesn’t stop there.

Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you. (Colossians 3:16)

"Christian" is more than our middle name. Our Christian spirituality is woven through every aspect of life at FCS. We worship God in praise and honor, but we also worship by putting our best effort forward in our daily work. That requires a measured, logical integration of faith and learning. The goal is to mentor our students to have a Christ-centered faith that is transformative and evidenced though a strong personal testimony.

At Faith Christian School we seek to:     

  • Lead each child to personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior
  • Enrich the child's devotional life and to encourage students to make practical applications of Biblical principles learned through their devotions.
  • Develop a well-balanced and Christ-like personality
  • Develop within each student a Biblical worldview that sees all truth as God’s truth and all truth as unified rather than segmented
  • Promote a servant-leadership mentality that views one’s gifts as instruments to serve, not dominate others.
  • Awaken a realization that God has a purpose and plan for each life
  • Instill a desire for knowledge, love and understanding of the Bible
  • Help students understand the blessings of choosing to please God and the consequences of choosing to please oneself
  • Install a sense of responsibility for the lost that will lead to a desire for creative and intelligent outreach
  • Realize and apply the knowledge and understanding that the Bible has the answers for life and godliness