Hear why these students are looking forward to utilizing technology in the classroom.


Great strides have been made here at FCS in regards to technology.  We have passed out over 250 devices to staff and students.  Students are now accessing course material online via our Learning Management System Canvas.  In addition to that, parents can now sign up to be Observers in their child’s courses.  This will allow them to see what the daily assignments are and communications from the teachers to the students.   And by having their students log in, they can see what has been completed and what hasn’t.

In addition to the devices, we have added more network projectors to the building.   These projectors will allow users to connect to them via an app, over our Wi-Fi system.  This saves the hassle of having to find a cord, adaptor (in some cases) and be tethered to the unit.  Users will be able to move around the room with the device, and still project.

With all things of this magnitude, we have had a few speed bumps.  But those seem to be smoothing out and access to the network seems to be improving weekly.   Our Wi-Fi system access has made great strides in the past week.

Some things to watch for on this page in the near future are:

  • Link to a new Technology Resource Page.
  • Link to a Technology blog with bi-weekly updates.
  • Photos and videos of students using the new technology.

If you have any questions about Technology and Faith Christian School, please feel free to contact Jeff Greiner at

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