Elementary Classes

A strong foundation is critical for future success, and our students achieve some of the highest state testing scores in our community. Our well-rounded curriculum equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their potential.


In early grades, Bible lessons focus on familiarizing students with stories from the Bible and God's promises. They also memorize weekly Bible verses, and get an understanding for how the word of God should shape our character and actions.

In the upper grades, students continue Bible reading assignments and expand their engagement. They participate in class discussions of the stories and doctrine taught, and write responses.


The lower grades introduce students to number sense and basic addition and subtraction. Early elementary students will begin to apply the skills in everyday ways, like money, time, and measurements. They will also learn the reasoning skills behind mathematical problem solving.

By upper grades, they will be able to apply the nuts and bolts of arithmetic to basic algebra. They will be able to work with data, averages and word problems. Fourth graders have the opportunity to compete in a team math event. Faith's math curriculum is closely correlated with state standards at each grade level.

Language Arts

Early grades are introduced to a variety of language arts disciplines besides reading and writing. They will learn phonics, spelling, and penmanship, with printing in first grade and cursive in second.

After a solid foundation in reading and writing, upper grade students learn how to explore and apply language skills. That includes sentence diagramming, research skills, essay writing, and more advanced spelling classes.


Science classes in the early grades are structured to spark curiosity and engagement. Students will learn about the natural world - plants, animals, and seasons - and explore simple building and mechanics through toys. Interactive projects keep the subject personal and engaging.

In later grades, students will study more of the whys and hows in science, in a wide range of disciplines. Classes continue to cover life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences each year, all from a Biblical worldview that honors God as the creator.


From early grades, students are introduced to geography and civics as part of their history classes. They will "travel" around the U.S. and to other countries to learn about what life is like in different places. Many classroom activities bring history to life for them, such as participating in Thanksgiving skits.

In upper elementary, students have more opportunities for field trips and experiences like our wax museum. They will learn how history affects them by studying local and Indiana history specifically, within the context of North American history.

Music and Arts

Art and music classes start weekly in the lower grades, with an emphasis on learning the fundamental skills and concepts in each discipline. We also emphasize performance opportunities where students will have opportunities to showcase their hard work throughout the year.

Students can also choose to enroll in private music lessons in areas such as piano, voice, guitar, or other instruments. Starting in fifth grade, students have the opportunity to join our beginning band class.