Middle School Classes

Our goal for middle school students is to see them develop their independence and responsibility through an accurate understanding of their world. This always starts with God's Word, and reaches into every part of our curriculum.


Bible study continues in the classroom setting, but also becomes more personal in Middle School. Nearly every middle school teacher at Faith also teaches a Bible class. Faith's goal is to help each student learn God's calling for their life. Middle school Bible classes begin to offer serving opportunities for students, while reinforcing the qualities God reveals about himself through His word, and the role of His Son as their personal savior.


The middle school Math department begins by laying the groundwork for students to move from elementary foundations to higher level math, and teaching geometry and pre-algebra in 7th and 8th grades. The curriculum seeks to develop students' reasoning skills when it comes to mathematics, and to cultivate an appreciation for mathematics as a display of the wisdom and order of God's creation.


Middle school English classes are a comprehensive approach to the subject, covering reading comprehension and writing skills, grammar, research, and selections of literature. The coursework gives students a chance to develop their critical thinking skills in response to rhetoric, and sharpen their ability to convey their own ideas.


The middle school curriculum covers both U.S. and world history, with the aim of preparing students for deeper study in high school. Discussions and lectures will help students see history through the lens of Biblical values and God's truth. Students will also develop research skills, and learn how to apply lessons from history to current events.


The middle school science department seeks to give students a deeper appreciation for God's works, by understanding it better. In 6th through 8th grades, students will take life science, earth science, and physical science, laying the groundwork for any branch they wish to pursue more closely in high school. In these courses, students will also develop core skills in the subject, such as analyzing data and testing hypotheses.

Fine Arts

Middle school students have the option of taking band, choir, and a few different art classes as electives starting in 6th grade. The goal of these classes is to develop talents to be used to the glory of God. Both music and visual arts are seen as activities that can be used to spread the gospel. Students who participate have many opportunities each year to share their talents through concerts and art shows.

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