Educational Philosophy

The following four items are the foundational elements to the educational philosophy of Faith Bible Seminary.

Knowledge and Reliance on the Bible

The Bible is not only considered inspired, but also sufficient for living life pleasing to God.  Therefore, every aspect of our education is centered on biblical truth.  We expect our students not only to have the exegetical tools needed for productive life-long study and teaching, but we also expect our students to study the Bible itself during their seminary training.  This will develop in students the sound doctrinal convictions that are necessary for ministry.  

Supervised Practical Training

We are committed to the practical training necessary to bridge the gap between the work of exegesis and ministry that encourages others to desire and work for life transformation empowered by the Spirit.  As a result, actual ministry practice under the supervision of mentors is a crucial component to our education. 

Community Based Outreach

Emphasis is given to the significance of community based ministry where meaningful relationships can lead to the presentation of the gospel.  Students will be exposed to a portion of FBC's strategy for reaching the community for Christ including the Faith Community Center (a 65,00 square foot facility designed for community ministry), Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries (free counseling to those in the Lafayette community), as well as the Vision of Hope (a faith-based residential treatment center for girls aged 14-28 struggling with unplanned pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, and self harm).

Personal Holiness

We believe that it is possible to understand biblical truth, to lead with courage and creativity, and yet to fail in the area of personal holiness.  Therefore, FBS emphasizes the application of biblical truth to the holiness of the student by carefully evaluating the character of its students and by facilitating meaningful relationships with God.