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Senior Pastor | Corry Alliance Church
Corry, PA

Church Website:

Salary: Salary based on experience. The salary is a strong living wage for the area and package includes parsonage and insurance.

Learn More Posted on 5/11/2022

Associate Pastor, Care & Discipleship | New Castle Bible Chruch
Mackinaw, IL

Salary: $60K-$90K, depending on experience

Learn More Re-Posted on 5/9/2022

Family Pastor | First Grace Baptist Church
Sheffield, IA

Church Website

Learn More Posted 4/26/2022

Senior Pastor | Standale Baptist Church
Grand Rapids, MI

Learn More Re-posted 4/15/2022

Paid Internship | Damascus House for Women
Bothell, WA

Learn More Posted on 4/12/2022

Congregational Care Pastor | Harvest Bible Chapel Barrie
Barrie, Ontario Canada

Learn More Posted on 4/6/2022

Biblical Counselor | Bethel Mennonite Chruch
Sarasota, FL

Learn More Posted on 4/6/2022

Lead Pastor | Grace Community Church
Dallas, PA

Learn More Posted on 3/29/2022

Pastor of Next Generation Ministries | NewLife Evangelical Free Chruch
Toledo, IA

Learn More Posted on 3/18/2022

Lead Pastor | Southwest Community Church
Littleton, CO

Learn More Posted on 3/10/2022

Student Pastor | Seminole Baptist Chruch
Springfield, MO

Learn More Posted on 3/14/2022

Director of Development | Tallahassee Biblical Counseling Ministries
Tallahassee, FL

Learn More Posted on 3/3/2022

Associate Pastor of Discipleship | Grace Baptist Church
Canton, OH

Learn More Posted on 2/23/2022

Pastor | Delphi Christian Church
Delphi, IN

Learn More Posted on 2/22/2022

Youth Pastor | New Life Bible Fellowship
Oley, PA

Learn More Posted on 1/19/2022

Senior Pastor | Oxford Bible Church
Oxford, WI

Learn More Posted on 12/31/2021

Biblical Counseling & Discipleship Pastor | Cornerstone Church
Yuba City, CA

Learn More Posted on 12/13/21

Worship Pastor | City on a Hill Church
Madison, Wi

Learn More Posted on 12/13/2021

Part Time Ministry Assistant | Harvest Bible Church
Orchard Park, NY

Learn More Posted 9/29/2021

Associate Director of Biblical Soul Care | Ascend Church
Olathe, KS

Learn More Posted 8/9/2021

Soul Care Pastor | Doxa Church
Rocklin CA

Learn More Posted 7/21/2021

Director of Worship | Harvest Bible Chapel
Des Moines, IA

Learn More Posted 7/14/2021

Pastor | Tippecanoe Christian Church
Winamac, IN

Learn More Posted 7/9/2021

Senior Pastor | Decatur Bible Church
Decatur, MI

Learn More Posted 7/9/2021

Associate Pastor for Counseling | Third Avenue Baptist Church
Washington, D.C.

Learn More Posted 6/24/2021

Senior Pastor | Evergreen Baptist Church
Michigan, IN

Learn More Posted 6/22/2021

Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries | West Cannon Baptist Church
Belmont, MI

Learn More Posted 6/21/2021

Teaching Pastor | Christian Bible Fellowship
Gibsonville, NC

Learn More Posted 6/4/2021

Outreach Pastoral Intern | New Castle Bible Church

Mackinaw, IL | Learn More Posted 6/1/2021

Associate Pastor of Discipleship | Trinity Evangelical Free Church

Plainview, MN | Learn More | Posted 5/7/2021