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Associate Pastor of Music & Worship @ New Castle Bible Church

Mackinaw, IL | Learn More Posted 9/15/2020

Pastor of Worship and Student Ministries @ Milaca Evangelical Free Church

Milaca, MN | Learn More Posted 7/7/2020

Associate/Counseling Pastor @ Cornerstone Bible Church

Lake Steven, WA | Learn More Posted 5/14/2020

Minister of Biblical Counseling and Community Groups @ Desert Springs Church

Albuquerque, NM | Learn More Posted 2/19/2020

Pastor of Families & Discipleship @ Shawnee Bible Church

Shawnee, KS | Learn More Posted 1/21/2020

Pastor of Biblical Counseling @ Summit Point Church

East Peoria, IL | Learn More Posted 1/16/2020

Pastor of Discipleship and Biblical Counseling @ Hespeler Baptist Church

Cambridge, ON (Canada) | Learn More Posted 1/9/2020

Associate Pastor of Outreach & Discipleship @ Brookdale Baptist Church

Moorhead, MN | Learn More Posted 1/2/2020

Biblical Counselor @ Paradigm Biblical Counseling

East Providence, RI | Learn More Posted 1/2/2020

Christian Counselor & Outreach Ministry Coordinator @ Foundations Christian Counseling

Cumberland, MD | Learn More Posted 12/18/2019

Senior Pastor @ Grace Chapel

West Liberty, OH | Learn More Posted 11/21/2019

Pastor of Student Ministries @ Anchor Church

Palos Heights, IL | Learn More Posted 11/13/2019