Program Philosophy

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree at Faith Bible Seminary is centered around the following mission and goals, with dependence upon God and the diligence of students and faculty.

Our Mission

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling is a graduate-level program designed to equip pastors, missionaries, and lay men and women as biblical counselors in order to serve those in need within the student’s ministry community. Excellence in biblical education and effective ministry is accomplished through biblical theological understanding in counseling matters, personal growth, and practical counseling experience.

Our Goals

Understanding the Sufficient Scriptures as evidenced by

  • The ability to articulate a definition of biblical counseling as derived from the doctrines of progressive sanctification, justification, and the sufficiency of Scripture.
  • An ability to articulate the gospel in its most essential form and use the truths of the gospel to produce biblically sound counsel.
  • An ability to effectively articulate the biblical change process using relevant Scriptures.

Enhanced Academic Ability as evidence by

  • A growing ability to responsibly engage in scholarly discourse on issues in counseling.
  • A commitment to continually grow in one’s understanding of biblical sanctification through study of God’s Word.

Spiritual Growth as evidenced by

  • A life that demonstrates commitment to being a humble disciple of Christ and growing in obedience to his commands, learning to frame life in terms of loving God wholeheartedly and loving one’s neighbor.
  • A growing dependence on and submission to the Holy Spirit as is evidenced by fruit of the Spirit in the context of relationships.

Valuing Relationships as evidenced by

  • A commitment to caring and praying for the physical and spiritual needs of one another during the seminary experience
  • A growing ability to minister the Word to one another through encouragement, exhortation, confrontation, discipleship, and vulnerable sharing of God’s work in one’s own life.

Preparation for Service as evidenced by

  • The growing ability to minister to hurting people using the truth of Scripture in individual contexts.
  • A commitment to train others in biblical counseling.
  • A growing ability to minister effectively in a church even when the individual is not a formal part of the leadership team.