A Workman Who Does Not Need to be Ashamed
2023 Friends Banquet

The 2023 FBS Friends Banquet has concluded. We are so thankful for all the ways we were able to celebrate the Lord's work this year through the seminary.

The theme for the 2023 banquet was A Workman Who Does Not Need to Be Ashamed! Enjoy the testimonies of our workmen.

Relive the 2023 FBS Friends Banquet

We are so thankful for everyone who was able to make it to the banquet this year! If you were unable to attend, you can watch the full livestream here.

- Testimony by Matt Hull

- Testimony by Eli Werley

- Testimony by Naoto Funada

- Testimony by Monday Wonah

- Testimony by Zane Merkel

- Testimony by Zach Horn and Joel Opificius

- Testimony by Seth Leeman, Emmett Kellogg, and A. J. Walls

- Closing by Dr. Brent Aucoin