The 2022 Cohort
Church Internship Program

Pastoral ministry is not simply an academic endeavor - it requires "field work." At FBS the practical training will not simply be an “add-on” to the education; it will be half of it. Each student will be involved half-time in ministry and half-time in academics

How It Works

Every student enrolled in the program will be working as a part-time intern at a local church. If a student already has extensive ministry training but not academic training, an exception may be granted.

Each partnering local church will be responsible for directing the practical mentoring environment of its intern under guidance and consultation from FBS. Each local church will attempt to strike a balance in:

  • Strengthening the student’s weaknesses
  • Utilizing the student’s gift set
  • Meeting the needs of the local church

"One of the things I am so grateful for Faith’s model here is having the chance to partner with Rockpoint Church during my time in seminary. Watching the practical side of ministry and learning the practicalities while I study the book work at Faith has been probably one of the most valuable sides of the ministry, and I’m just grateful for the model and seminary that Faith has brought in and for the church and staff at Rockpoint Church for giving me the privilege of learning that practical side of ministry."
- Brock Graham, M.Div. 2013

Special Situations
Interested in M.Div. classes but unsure if you fit the church internship requirements? You can still join us!

Students with no area local church connection

If you are not currently connected to an area church, you can pursue the following options for admission:

  1. Seek independently to establish a relationship with a partnering local church within this area.
  2. If you desire an internship at Faith Church (FC), then please refer to the two options listed on FC Internship.

Men currently in ministry

Men who are currently in ministry and desire an M.Div. degree from FBS have the possibility of enrolling in our three-year part-time program without the internship requirement. Each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students who desire to take classes for credit but are not enrolled in the M.Div. degree program

Any individual who desires to take classes for credit but is not working toward his M.Div. degree may take a desired class. The student must meet the admissions requirements and will be charged tuition on a per class basis.

Individuals desiring to audit a class

Any individual who desires to audit a class may do so. The individual will be charged half of the regular tuition.