M.Div. Admissions
Ready to Apply?

We invite you to fill out an online application to our program! Written applications are available upon request by phone or email. All applications must be submitted with a non-refundable fee of $40 per application.

Application Procedures

The following should be submitted to FBS after you complete your online application:

  1. Submit official transcripts from all schools attended since high school.
  2. If you are from a country where English is not the primary language, FBS requires an English proficiency test. FBS' English proficiency requirements can be found here.
  3. If the local church at which you plan to intern requires an application for internship, submit that application to that particular local church.
  4. If you desire an internship with a church other than Faith Church, please have your church leadership complete the church partnership application.
  5. FBS may ask for a personal interview. The interview will be conducted by phone or in person, depending upon your location.
  6. Due to our interpretation of the Bible, FBS only accepts biological males into the Master of Divinity program.
Application Deadlines
  • FBS still has some Faith Church internship positions available for qualified candidates, please apply by September 1, 2024

  • All other applications for the M.Div. program are due by July 1, 2025.
M.Div Admission Requirements

Applicants must possess an earned bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university, with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 (on a 4.0 scale). If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, please see the No Bachelors Special Requirements section below.

Application Requirements

Please note, FBS only accepts applicant into the MDiv program once every three years

  • Complete an online application
    • Applicants can choose to participate in a church internship. Applicants must note, in their application, if they are participating in an internship.
  • Submit a personal testimony
  • Submit your spouse’s personal testimony (if applicable)
  • Submit a ministry experience form
  • Submit three letters of reference from those who can speak to your spiritual life including a pastoral reference
  • Submit the transcripts of the school where you earned your bachelor’s degree (if applicable) When the above requirements are met, the MDiv chair will review the application and make an admissions decision. Once the chair has decided, the applicant will be notified via email.
Character Requirements

Regarding Character

Each FBS student is expected to maintain 1 Timothy 3:1-7 character throughout his time as a student.

Regarding Debt

Each FBS student is expected to be relatively debt-free before entering the seminary and upon graduation. Each applicant will be examined on an individual basis as to his indebtedness.

Regarding Outside Employment

No FBS student will be participating in outside employment (unless a special exception is granted) since he will be working full-time (half-time student, half-time intern).

Regarding Computers

Each FBS student will be required to have a laptop capable of wireless internet and also have the Logos Bible Software (Platinum Edition). Other software that is required is current version of Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office Suite. An Apple computer is also acceptable with the corresponding software.

Regarding Work Ethic

It cannot be stressed enough that students will be carrying a significant academic load and also a significant ministry load year-round. This program IS NOT for students who are prone to laziness. Just as students going in to medical fields face a highly rigorous training environment, students entering into full-time vocational ministry for our Lord should not expect less. The student is expected to be diligent and disciplined in his work, studies, and service. A mentality of working diligently for six days and resting one is the standard. Problems or struggles in priorities regarding family life, academics, or internship should be addressed quickly through biblical communication with the appropriate individuals. Students will receive breaks between semesters in which to schedule personal vacation time (two weeks per year). The following national holidays will also be recognized: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. During the rest of the year students will be bearing a load that will require between 50-60 hours per week of work.

Regarding Commitment

Students who have been granted the privilege of receiving a paid three year internship and free tuition should not enter into this arrangement lightly. Ultimately, the working members of each partnering local church have provided the funding for this educational opportunity. Thus, for those students who are provided with a three year internship, a three year commitment is expected and required. Only in extreme circumstances, in consultation with the seminary and the intern’s overseeing church, should this commitment be broken. Faith Church paid interns who break the commitment may incur a financial penalty for the resources invested. See specific Faith Church contract details.

No Bachelors Special Requirements

FBS allows 10% of its total student body to participate in the MDiv program without holding a bachelor’s degree. If the student does not hold a bachelor’s degree extra consideration will be given to the potential student’s ministry experience.

Students without any bachelor’s credits must complete the application process minus sending FBS their transcripts.

When a student not holding a bachelor’s degree completes the MDiv program after having been accepted for admission, they will earn a Master of Divinity. In addition to the normal requirements, students with no bachelor’s degree will be reviewed on the below criteria,

  • Relevant Non-Degree Training
  • Relevant Ministry Experience