Faith Church Internship

As a part of the church internship portion of the M.Div. academic program at Faith Bible Seminary, students may intern with Faith Church. Priority will be given to those men who have been raised up in Faith Church and demonstrate a call to pastoral ministry.


Faith Church has filled all available internship positions for the 2022 - 2025 M.Div. cohort. Please contact FBS about getting started in the Fall of 2025.


If you are an individual desiring training at FBS but are not a part of Faith Church, you have the following options:

Apply for a paid internship. You may still receive one of the positions available.

Inquire about an unpaid internship. If you are not admitted to one of Faith Church’s internship positions, you may be considered for an unpaid internship. Faith Church may be able to accommodate unpaid interns who are financially independent (through the work of a spouse or other financial means of support). The student would need to demonstrate that during the three years of training, his essential needs would be met by provision other than incurring debt or outside employment. Housing may or may not be available in this scenario depending upon the make-up of the single/married ratio of the interns of Faith Church. Admission to an unpaid position will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You are encouraged to speak directly to Brent Aucoin, FBS President at (765) 448-1986, or email him.


The students who have their internship at Faith Church will also be required to serve in either the East, West, or North campus of the Faith Community Center as part of their internship experience. Spouses of Faith Church students will also be required to serve in the FCC about 20-32 hours a week, depending upon whether or not they have children. This requirement helps offset costs for providing free education and housing. Single students will be expected to model 1 Corinthians 7:35 in their service.

Considering being an intern at a different area church?