Homeschool Opportunities

We desire to strengthen as many families as possible through Christian education, and that includes those families who choose to homeschool their children. We allow part-time students to take individual classes at FCS to supplement their homeschool curriculum. These classes are offered as space is available.

A number of homeschool families find that our various Fine Arts electives, advanced-level courses, or elementary or MS athletic teams offer options that are not available to individual families. Also, some families who seek to transition from homeschool to being full-time students will use a year or two of part-time classes to acclimate to this new environment. Whatever your goals, we are pleased to work with homeschool families as our enrollment allows.

Homeschool Fees and Availability

Tuition is $800 per class per year for Middle School & High School (plus additional fees). Participation in Elementary or Middle School sports is $100 per sport. Per IHSAA rules, part time students are not allowed to participate in High School sports. For more information, please contact our school office at 765-447-2727

PSAT Registration

The PSAT is typically given at Faith Christian School in October. Exact testing dates and times are announced closer to the actual testing week. Homeschool students that would like to take the PSAT at FCS should contact Elizabeth Wickert, FCS Academic Coordinator, at (765) 447-2727 ext. 196.