Accessing Grades through FACTS Family Portal

Progress Reports are always accessible to you on FACTS Family Portal, even though we email them at the mid-point of each quarter. Remember, FACTS Family Portal is the place you go to see grades. Any grades you see in Canvas are tentative and may not be the grade the teacher puts into the grade book. Always go to FACTS Family Portal for the “official grades.”

Accessing Grades

  1. Login to FACTS Family Portal.
  2. Click on “Student Information” on the left side navigation. From there you can click on “grades” and you’ll see the students across the top of the main screen and a drop down menu for the courses. The screen that shows up is the same screen you’ll get emailed to you next week for progress reports.

Canvas Update

Hopefully by now your student’s teachers are all doing a great job in keeping up with posting homework in Canvas. We’re asking teachers to post all assignments that the student would be doing outside of class. You may see grades in FACTS for homework that didn’t appear in Canvas if the teacher is doing those assignments in class. As a parent, I find the calendar feature the easiest way to keep up with the assignments for my own children.

If you have any problems with Canvas, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you through the problems. If you’re on a mobile device, check to be sure you have the newest version of the app. That has solved most problems that I’ve encountered, so far.

Missing Work

Our school policy is that on the 3rd late homework assignment for a class, all late work in that class is an automatic zero. We want to help students grow in diligence, responsibility, and organization. We encourage you to check in with your student about his or her homework habits. Is he using his planner? Is she making sure she has everything she needs before she goes home? Does your student know of ways that we can help them grow in this area? We want to avoid hand holding and work toward independence, however we know that there is an adjustment period, especially for 6th graders and 9th graders adjusting to block schedules, and we want to teach, model, and expect them to have good homework habits.