Tutoring Program Looking to Pay Tutors

Thanks to a grant funded by Greater Lafayette Commerce and the Emergency Assistance for Non Public Schools, Faith Christian School plans to offer tutoring after school from 3:30-5:00pm. The cost of this tutoring will be $1 per student per day so we need tutors. You will be paid well above minimum wage and can sign up for 1 day or more a week.

We hope to staff the tutoring center Monday through Thursday. We are looking for parents and students to work in our tutoring center! Consider applying through this application. We are especially hopeful that we will have parents and older high school students that can help struggling high school math students! If you have questions you can contact Nicole Hume or Shane Breeding.

We are planning to start up this program the week of 10/25/2022, so get your name in as a PAID tutor asap!