Church Partnering


Equipping the Next Generation of Pastors through Local Church Partnering

Sending a pastoral candidate to traditional seminaries has some significant challenges. These  often include graduating with a sizable debt, a lack of practical ministry experience, a disconnect from the local church, and a family exhausted from carrying a full time load at school and an outside job.

At Faith Bible Seminary (FBS) we are pioneering a new model that maintains traditional, academic excellence while addressing these challenges.  FBS solves these challenges by partnering with strong local churches.

Pastor Daniel Bennett, Bethany Community Church

Pastors, is your local church a candidate for partnering with FBS? Consider the following questions:

  1. Is my church evangelical in doctrine?
  2. Is my church interested in equipping men for pastoral ministry?
  3. Is my church interested in helping pioneer a different seminary model that addresses concerns in the traditional seminary model?
  4. Does my church currently have a man interested in training for ministry?
  5. Is my church willing to provide housing and a stipend to an intern for a three-year period?
  6. Does my church need some additional staff assistance for ministry?
  7. Would my church send an individual to a seminary that has a biblical hermeneutic resulting in a pre-millennial eschatological position?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions and are interested in pursuing a partnership with us, we'd love to explore a partnership.