Pastoral Training Reinvented

Annual fees are assessed to MDiv students. Please see our updated catalog for up to date information.

Why A New Approach?

Faith Church was burdened about challenges that are often present in a traditional seminary model:

  • The high cost of seminary training, resulting in some students graduating with significant debt.
  • A lack of practical ministry experience.
  • The significant pressures on any wives or children due to the heavy seminary and job workload.

A Unique Solution

The Master of Divinity program at Faith Bible Seminary is unique in its approach.

  • Students commute to FBS, or particpate through distance education via the internet, for MDiv level academic training from credentialed facultyone to two days per week, year-round, for three years.
  • A student known well by a local church is hired there as an intern. The student works in practical ministry at that church three to four days per week year-round for three years. Students enrolled in this internship program are charged a small yearly fee.
  • That local church receives additional staff support and is actively involved in training men for ministry.

This model provides a real integration of academics and practical ministry, allowing the student to graduate with experience, no debt, and a spiritually and emotionally strong family.  

Learn more about the unique church internships behind the M.Div. program, or find out if the M.Div. program is a good fit for you.