Is It For You?


Established pastors welcome

Are you a pastor wanting to complete your M.Div. degree? FBS may be the right choice for you.

Use our strategic distinguishing characteristics of FBS to aid you in determining if FBS would be a good fit for you.

  • FBS admits students every three years—2013, 2016, etc. Will your plans and availability mesh with one of these time periods?
  • FBS has a primary purpose of training young men for pastoral ministry. Do you demonstrate a passion for the pastorate? Do you have the ability to make a three-year commitment for equipping and training? Do you have a local church that recognizes your gifts and abilities for pastoral ministry and is encouraging you to be involved in full-time pastoral ministry?
  • FBS is located in Faith Community Center and intends to equip pastors with a heart for community ministry. Do you desire an education that equips you for community-based ministry?
  • FBS’s mentoring program is done in partnership with area local churches. Are you part of an area local church? (If not, see Special Situations.)
  • FBS is a graduate level M.Div. program. Do you have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university?
  • FBS is requiring that students be relatively debt-free upon entrance and exit of the seminary program. Are you free from enslaving debt?

Does our M.Div. program sound like a good fit for you? Learn more: