How it Works


You Need Flexibility. We Deliver.

Our combination of online-only courses and web-enhanced modular courses allows you do most course work from wherever you are--making only a few trips to Lafayette for your training. See course descriptions or the course schedule

  • Online Courses allow students to complete all the necessary course work from the convenience of their own home and on a flexible schedule through our learning management system. Five of the classes offered through the MABC are online.
  • Module Courses still allow students to complete most of the course work online; however, each of these courses also include, in addition to normal online course work, a week of concentrated lectures that are held on the campus of Faith Bible Seminary. Five of the MABC classes will be offered as module courses due to the content of these particular courses
  • Two courses will be independent study, allowing the student to complete the course from home while being supervised by a professor.

Online Off-Campus Assignments

Since students will only spend roughly five weeks of time in Lafayette over the course of the entire program, most of the course work will be completed online. While much of this work will be done independently, there is also great benefit in student interaction.

Depending on the particular professor, students will be expected to review the work of their fellow students and offer appropriate suggestions. This interaction will allow for tremendous learning opportunities off campus. FBS uses our learning management system to coordinate student discussions during the external residency of each course.

(Since FBS will use a web-based delivery system we will not be able to provide individual technical support for computer problems. We will, of course, ensure the website is functioning properly. Therefore, potential students are strongly encouraged to have a computer not more than three years old with access to a reliable broadband Internet service.)


Independent Study Courses

Two of the required twelve courses are independent studies.

  • BC802 - Supervised Counseling Practicum, is a counseling practicum that must be done within the student’s ministry context. We require at least 30 hours of counseling that can be evaluated by one of the FBS professors. Those students who desire to be ACBC certified will find this class to be an ideal opportunity to complete ACBC’s supervision requirements. Contact FBS to find out how you can complete your ACBC requirements concurrently with your MABC degree.
  • BC901 - Masters Thesis Project, This course begins with an oral exam, conducted via conference call, with two members of the faculty. In addition, each student must either write a thesis approved and supervised by a faculty member or the student may complete a project proposed by the faculty. The purpose of this course is to help the student synthesize the truths learned throughout the program and create counseling resources.

There are no residency requirements for these independent study courses.