MABC Academics


Counseling Foundations (15 hours)

BC 301

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

3 hours

Introduces the concept of biblical counseling and distinguishes biblical counseling from other types of counseling approaches and explains the basic tenets of biblical counseling and requirements in order to be a biblical counselor.

BC 302

Principles of Bible Study

3 hours

An explanation of the plot line of the Bible, crucial principles needed to interpret the Bible accurately, and how Bible study principles must be used to counsel with excellence.

BC 303

Theology of Biblical Counseling

3 hours

Evaluates theological concerns such as progressive sanctification, the Bible’s view of man/sin/fall, the importance of Christ (and the believers’ union with Christ), the church, and the role of the Holy Spirit with their impact on counseling philosophy.


Methods of Biblical Change

3 hours

Provides a detailed explanation of the heart, helping students explain the process of biblical change as well as helping the student identify and facilitate biblical change in the counselee.


Spiritual Formation and Self Counsel

3 hours

Helps students develop a more meaningful relationship to God and focuses on specifically applying the Word of God to areas of difficulty in the lives of the students.


Counseling Theory (12 hours)



Common Counseling Issues I

3 hours

A careful examination of common counseling problems such as anger, worry, fear, or depression showing students how to discern the ways these attitudes are expressed and how to help the counselee respond biblically.


Common Counseling Issues II

3 hours

Additional counseling issues such as pornography, eating disorders, cutting, and handling the past biblically.


Marriage and Family Counseling

3 hours

An examination of family problems including marriage, parenting, financial issues, and pre-marital counseling.



Advanced Counseling Issues

3 hours

An examination of complex counseling subjects including; those in crisis (e.g. suicide), those with mental health diagnoses, and those struggling with addictions (e.g. alcohol) as well as explaining some of the partnering opportunities between churches/counseling ministries and residential treatment facilities.

Counseling Practice (9 hours)

BC 801

Counseling Lab

3 hours

Helps students learn counseling skills through the use of role-play and peer evaluation.


Supervised Counseling Practicum

3 hours

Requires 30 hours of supervised counseling in order to demonstrate competence in a counseling setting.



Master’s Thesis Project

3 hours

A project consisting of 1) developing a plan for and completing a written thesis 2) a 1 – 2 hour oral examination regarding counseling practices.

Total Requirement: 36 Hours