About Us


We're Not Your Average Seminary

We're a church-based seminary focused on developing people for ministry in a way that keeps costs low, allows families to grow stronger during ministry training rather than weaker, and provides real ministry experience--all within the context of an academically solid program.

Learn more about how this goal is achieved in the MABC program and M. Div program.

Our Mission

Faith Bible Seminary is a graduate-level training institution designed to glorify God by equipping students with a biblical education for effective Christian ministry. In light of this mission statement, completion of the FBS curriculum will result in:

Understanding the Sufficient Scriptures: FBS students will demonstrate a whole-hearted and exclusive commitment to the Scriptures. This commitment is displayed through the student’s acquisition of the necessary exegetical tools for a productive life-long study and communication of God’s Word, the development of sound doctrinal convictions, and the development of skills necessary to minister the Word of God effectively.

Enhanced Academic Ability: Students will develop critical thinking skills, understanding of relevant subject matter, and the ability to evaluate reference works in order to clearly communicate truth to themselves and others.
Spiritual Growth: Students will leave FBS with a more meaningful relationship with Christ. They will display this relationship in both their growing godly character and their service.

Valuing Relationships: FBS will facilitate godly relationships within the student body for the purpose of encouragement and exhortation. Students will develop a commitment to facilitating godly relationships in their future ministries.

Preparation for Service: FBS students will learn to boldly engage in biblically-based Christian ministries to build the body of Christ around the world through the development of leadership, discipleship, counseling, and community outreach skills.

Rationale and Vision

The congregation of Faith Church wanted to begin FBS in order to address some growing concerns with traditional seminary models while keeping the academic excellence normally associated with traditional seminaries.  There were three particular needs that the congregation desired to address:

  • Cost: The cost of seminary has quickly outpaced the ability of most seminarians to graduate debt-free.  In addition, many seminarians work full-time which makes being a husband and father particularly challenging.  Thus, too many seminarians are leaving school with a family unit in need of repair and indebtedness that potentially limits ministry opportunities.
  • Time: The congregation believed that students were taking too much time to complete the academic requirements, due in part to the high costs and the associated full-time work.
  • Ministry Experience: The church believed that more practical ministry would have to be part of the program in order to properly equip leaders for ministry. 

Pastor Scott Gruber, Bible Fellowship Church

Based on the rationale, mission statement, and core values of Faith Bible Seminary, the vision of FBS is to become a model for effective ministry training based on excellent academics, the development of meaningful relationships with God and others, and practical ministry training in order to equip students to make a significant difference for the cause of Christ in the United States and around the world.