Faith Legacy Foundation

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Our unique programs provide excellent preparation for ministry. We appreciate prayer and financial support to continue and enhance this seminary. 

Faith Bible Seminary has developed two innovative programs training men for pastoral ministry and individuals pursuing excellence in Biblical counseling. These two programs originated from the desires of Faith Church to further develop specific ministry emphases to share among other local churches and strengthen the body of Christ.

What Are The Needs?

FBS partners with area churches to train men for pastoral ministry, and Faith Church sponsors several interns. As the opportunity to train more men grows, so does the financial investment. One intern being trained at FC and FBS requires an investment between $20,000- $25,000 per year for three years.

As a 501(c)(3) Organization, giving to this ministry entitles you to all of the available federal and state tax benefits.

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The Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling is designed to equip individuals at the graduate level to excel in Biblical Counseling. Occasionally we encounter very qualified individuals who will need help with the very low tuition rates. We would be very grateful for donations toward an MABC scholarship fund for students in such situations.

Additionally, FBS seeks to obtain some of the best instructors to thoroughly equip its students. If you desire to help the ongoing education process to provide excellence in instruction would you consider giving to the ministry support fund?

Will you partner with us to help individuals be excellently trained for pastoral and Biblical counseling ministries?